Affirmations and Invocations

22 Days in the Creative Matrix of Divine Frequency

Beginning on February 1st, at 2pm EST, let us make a commitment to STEP PASSIONATELY into the “Creative Matrix of Divine Frequency”!! 

This is a point of Conscious BEing that lies beyond duality, struggle, and pain. All that is “divine” flows in balance and harmony. To step into the Creative Matrix of this Divine Frequency, is to connect to every potential-filled resource that is. To step into our emPowerment, in a sacred and productive way.

For 22 days we will focus upon all that manifests and creates. We will lay a foundation for continued growth, understanding and connection. We will free ourSelves from all patterns of limitation and doubt, so that we may FULLY embrace the Creative (positive and life-giving) aspects of our BEing!!

Adobe Spark (9)

Let us step into our Power – that force of focused intention – to purposely claim our highest truth and potential.  Let us awaken the skills and abilities that BIRTH all supportive experiences into BEing.

This is the moment.

This is the time. 

By linking our heartLights together at this time, we AMPLIFY all that is shared!! We each inspire, feed, and uplift the collective. 

You are not alone!!

We are united.

We are one. 

Join us from where you are, every day at 2pm EST for 22 sacred minutes of Presence in the Creative Matrix of Divine Frequency!!

Alania will hold sacred space upon the higher planes, for every soul who wishes to participate. She encourages all to sit quietly, in prayer or meditation, at this time. Hold clear intentions to welcome all that uplifts and blesses your journey.

Insights, channeled messages and inspiring updates will be shared, to support this powerful experience, on her Facebook page: Alania Starhawk – Divine Channel

Alania is making a personal commitment to open this portal of Sacred Power and EnLightenment for ALL who wish to connect and participate. This is her GIFT to you, and all of humanity.

How you can participate:

• Set intentions to connect with Alania in the Creative Matrix every day between February 1st, 2018 and February 22nd, 2018 at 2pm EST, for 22 minutes. Sit quietly. Open your heart to receive, all that blesses and supports your unique journey.

• Join her on Facebook to be part of all that is shared!! She’ll be posting inspirational updates, teachings, and channeled messages daily. You’ll be able to watch her LIVE for the 22 minutes of focused intention on particular days via Facebook Live. She’ll be sharing much information and insight about the Creative Matrix, and HOW we can tap into it on a daily basis. Please “Like” her Facebook page to be notified of all announcements and live video feed. Alania Starhawk – Divine Channel

• Share the love!!! Invite others to be part of this epic journey into their own conscious creation. Remind them that the KEY to their own expansion, lies within. They are ever-resourceful and abundant, in all ways.

• Let us know that you’re with us!! Send Alania a quick shout out, to let her know that you’re part of it all. Comment when you are inspired to, and share your experiences when you are guided.

• Graciously offer a token of prosperous exchange, if you are so guided. We’re tapping into the creative power of the 2’s this month. “2” is the number of action and expansion, birth and manifestation. It speaks of creative force in numerical terms. So Alania is joyfully welcoming an exchange of $22 for all that is received throughout the entire 22 day experience!! That’s phenomenal!! And still, it is only a loving suggestion.

If you are guided, at any time, to offer a sacred exchange of $22…..know that we are envisioning that $22 as growing and expanding more than 22 times, for each of us. Open hearts!! Open flow!!

Thank you for your generosity!! You can use this link when you are ready:


Alania has been passionate about understanding the universe and its intricate workings at quantum levels of shift and awareness. Her personal commitment to self this year, is to delve further and deeper than she ever has. There comes a time when all great knowledge becomes more than a concept, it becomes a reality. That’s why she has created this opportunity. This is her way of leaping into the Creative Matrix in a super-sonic-sorta-way!! Will you join her??

Life happens. If you’re not able to commit to all 22 days, that’s fine. She’s holding the Divine Frequency for you and your soul. If you CHOOSE to be part of it, you will absolutely receive all that is being shared. We are in this together!! Hold on.

And so it begins. 

Please use this contact form if you’d like to contact Alania directly with any thoughts or curiosities:



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