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Egoic Whispers

The human psyche is such a marvelous creation. I can be so ecstatically focused upon all of my wondrous goals and endeavors, and then I can be so easily distracted by the tiniest of nonsensical disturbances.

I hold a clear knowing that I am infinitely supported and loved, and then I find myself entertaining the fleeting whispers of my egoic mind, that tell me I am not quite as honored, respected, and supported as I’d like to be. 


Spirit encourages me to not deny any of my authentic thoughts and emotions, because a part of me truly identifies with all of the thoughts and emotions that flow.

So, I ask mySelf, why do I perceive these disrespects in the first place?? I have never been one to require validation and compliment. In fact, I still work to consciously accept all of the kind words and sentiments that generously flow each day.

I ask for clarity now.

Dear Spirit, I recognize that all ‘disrespect’ is illusory. It is only a construct of my intricate mind. So, I welcome all clarity, healing, and understanding to lift my awareness now. Bring me into my most perfect center of confident alignment. I choose love. 

Sweet One, you are so hard upon yourself. You hold such pristine measurement for your every authentic thought. Are you not exhausted with all the effort it takes to understand it all completely??

Sometimes it’s perfectly honorable to simply feel it, completely, without resistance. Sometimes what you sense, holds truth, at some particular level of BEing. As a truth seeker, it’s important to witness all naturally, without a lens of expectation.

No truth seeker is comfortable with only the brightest perceptions of divine (always perfect) perception. Truth comes in all varieties. Sometimes it can be healing to see all as it is, without giving it any meaning. It just is, at all outward points of BEing, because that is not ours to control. 

We are only responsible for that which flows within our own awareness. Bring your focus back within.

Your personal discomfort comes from the guilt and shame you feel, for not seeing all as your interpretation of loving, kind, and respectful. Let us ease your mind!!!! None of your personal and sacred thoughts are worthy of hiding. Love your authentic spirit and light!! Accept yourSelf as you are.

The disrespect you align with now, is self-imposed. You are doubting yourSelf!!!! Why?? You are THE most amazing goddess that can be. 

Yes. Listen to those words now. They will ultimately free you from the limited thoughts you’ve been aligning with. 

You are THE most amazing goddess that can be!!

This is your truth. All perception of imbalance is illusion. 

We tell you, you are IN your power now. Do not doubt or question yourSelf. You’ll need all your precious focus to DREAM BIG. We want this for you. 

You are the one making it all happen. Do not distract yourSelf. You are ready for all that you now embrace. 

You are supported. You are loved. Believe. 

~ Divine Spirit

Aaaaahhhhh!!! How good does all of THAT feel?? It’s so true. I can see now. We play mind games with ourSelf. If we are doubting our magnificence, we will naturally attract some expression of doubt-feeding-nonsense into our lives. But, I welcome TRUTH in all ways.

Doubt-inducing-gibberish, be gone!! You hold no power over me. I trust my own sweet, raw-and-real self to be enough. I love every perfectly imperfect part of me. 

Thank YOU for your ever-flowing support, dear spirit. I am blessed. 

© Alania Starhawk 2018


3 thoughts on “Egoic Whispers”

  1. I loved your story and I say this with a big smile because…….been there, done that, seen that, and the angels basically told me the same thing. I am too hard on myself and doubt myself over and over. I really need to get back to channeling them and thank you for reminding me to do so. I have that connection, now I just have to do it.
    You’re doing great and thank you for sharing.
    Love and light.

    1. Sweet Sister, I sense your Light as a clear voice for the Divine. You are brilliant!! I am so honored to journey with you. Thank you for your kindness. I appreciate you!! 💛

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