I Am “Starhawk”

This name was given to me, as a precious gift, by Spirit. It was to remind me of who I am, upon the highest and deepest vibrations of Truth. It speaks volumes to me, and keeps me centered upon my soul’s journey.

Would you like to understand why?? Here’s some backstory to my personal journey of soul expansion.

All had initiated at a time when I felt incredibly sheltered from true community and support (about 16 years ago). The complexities of life had caused me to feel deeply overwhelmed and confused, so I remained as isolated and alone as I could. I was wounded, and processing life the best I knew how. I was active and in-motion, but heart-connected to very little.

The “shift” began to manifest in response to my passionate (almost desperate) prayers to God. While in my deepest depression, my soul innocently understood that there MUST be more than I could see. I couldn’t believe that these dark days represented the fullness of Life. So I turned to my faith, and to God.

It was all I knew, since I had not yet recognized that a world of higher consciousness and infinite potential existed.

My prayers were clear:


And in response, I began to receive very CLEAR direction and understanding. I began to hear God’s voice, bringing me all of the insight that my soul had been yearning to see.

Every nuance of inspiration was speaking directly to my soul, and clearing all sense of loss, lack, and confusion. I was being filled with a LOVE that is boundless and incomprehensible.

God was speaking to me, and all was becoming clear-er.

My prayers continued, passionately welcoming all that would inspire me in every way. I was completely open and curious, without any expectation of what would be.

My prayers continued:


Unexpectedly, I began to hear and receive messages from amazing sources, that were fully beyond my original belief system. Miracles, upon miracles, were presenting themselves as a casual part of my day, continuously shattering and expanding my perception of reality.

In my moments of need, an Angel came to wrap their wings around me and melt all emotional pain and hurt, Blessed Mother knelt beside me to hold my hand and remind me that I am not alone upon my journey, and Archangel Michael healed my son in a phenomenal way. These were all miracles that challenged my belief of what is “real”, but not of what is possible. My experiences continued.

Buddha began to remind me that we are unique expressions of the same divine essence, Isis began to remind me that I hold infinite power within, and Vishnu began to remind me that I am timeless, wise, and ever-resourceful. Each of these Beings lie far beyond my personal understanding of Truth, and yet they were filling me with the SAME all-encompassing Light that God and the Angels filled me with. I did not reach out to search for these connections, but they each found me, in response to my innocent prayer: “Remind me of who I am.” My soul was in deep resonance with the all-encompassing LOVE that flowed. My experience continued.

I began to spontaneously envision my past-lives, many of which were clearly not of this world. There was a sense of intrinsic knowledge, power, and balance in each vision, that began to feel more and more REAL to me. My Brothers and Sisters, in LIGHT, were reminding me of WHO I AM in remarkable ways. I would look into the mirror, to wash my hands or fix my hair, and see my StarSELF clearly, as one inseparable aspect of my greater Truth.  I was beginning to understand that I AM all that I had always believed mySelf to be, and so much more.

These new understandings weren’t in contrast to who I am in my earth-existence. They were an expansion of that reality. I was present and more “in love” with my everyday life, because my heart was awakening. I could see a much greater understanding of our life’s purpose and potential.

Ascended Masters, Councils of Light, and Galactic Guardians were directly opening my awareness to see all TIME and SPACE as infinite and intimately aligned. They were baring the Mystery Teachings to me, helping me to see this earth-experience as empowering!! We, as humanity, once embodied divine frequency upon the earth plane.  Our divinity is not separate from our earthly essence. It’s time for this TRUTH to return.

All my lives and experiences in Ancient Atlantis, Lemuria, and Egypt were teaching me about how to make the transition back into our Divine Self. All sacred teachings were bringing us HOME into our Light Essence.

Every veil of limitation was lifting, to reveal the interconnectedness of all Life. All is possible. All is truth. All worlds are beginning to merge, blending all sacred lineage, including that of our StarAncestry, into ONE TAPESTRY of interwoven Light. 

My experience continued, still.

Through all expansions of perception, I was cautious, reverent, and faithful. I would continuously proclaim: “Nothing comes between mySelf and God!!”.

What I eventually recognized, was that GOD is the culminating consciousness of all-things!! Only my perception of God was smaller than the totality that is. So I trusted that GOD IS LOVE, and that immutable Love could be found everywhere, throughout all space and time. God transformed into the WONDER OF ALL LIFE that is and can be.

This means that the infinite nature of all God’s LIGHT lives within, as much as it lives without. When we believe in the awesome nature of TRUE LIGHT, all becomes possible. We are bound only by our own perceptions of limitation. 

The STARS are a part of my soul, my ancestry, my history, my power, and my truth. It’s not a “place” within the Stars that I speak of. It’s a plane of conscious BEing, beyond our current indoctrinated awareness. We must journey upon the planes of higher consciousness, which is bound my no limitations, in order to intimately understand it.

I have journeyed deep and far, in much greater ways than I can ever detail. I’ve journeyed beyond the veils, into the HEART of all that is infinite and unknown. This is why I bear “Star” in my name. I am comfortable upon all reaches of Truth, within and throughout. I am bound by no indoctrinated perception of understanding. I am a clear channel to all that is and can be.

I bear the name “Hawk” because this is also my ancestry. I am of the Earth, and all of its miraculous magnificence. I am now at home in the intricacies of Earth Mother, and all her potential complexities. I see through all veils of perception, and listen for the messages of eternal understanding. The Earth, and all of its’ Guardians, speak to me. The land speaks to me. Humanity speaks to me. I am as much at home in the GIFT of embodied Life, as I am in the formless expressions of Spirit.

Hawk is the messenger!! Hawk stays close to the ground, to the physical, but journeys to the greatest heights, upon will. He sees all, and opens doorways of connection and communication between the realms.

I am Hawk!! In phenomenal ways, Earth Guardians have shown me my path and my truth. My LOVE is for all that is present and embodied, and all that is infinite. I am of the Earth and the Sky. I am here to UNITE all planes of sacred BEing.

The stories of how Hawk truly anchored into my awareness is wonderful, but requires more time than we have here. So trust, that even that initiation was profound and beyond rational understanding. (((Smile)))

STARHAWK is an embodiment of my soul’s Truth!! I see that which may remain unseen by others, but it is no less true. I am a KEEPER of Sacred Knowledge, Wisdom, and Light. I carry all that is needed, through the Gates of Perception, to blend all worlds of conscious understanding.

This IS who I am. And, even “I” am in awe of all I am.

Perhaps I’ve been denying the fullness of my essence, at some level. Perhaps I’ve been shielding a part of mySelf from being seen. But I’m not sure that I can do that any longer. I have incredible stories and understandings that can AWAKEN all of humanity. It might be time to quiet my resistant ego. It might be time to BE SEEN, without holding any expectation for what that means.




I now use this knowledge, wisdom, insight, and connection to support other bright heartLights into their own soul’s expansion. Together, we clear illusion, heal all disharmony, and empower all potential. We delve into the depth of sacred BEing, and arise in divine grace.

I honor all that now flows, within and throughout. 

Namaste’ ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2018

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