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Creative Alchemy – A 4-week Online Course

It’s the art of shifting our reality to higher frequency, through positive focus and confident knowing.

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**This special course is still available!! Any weeks you’ve missed can be watched in replay.**

Creative Alchemy teaches us to be the director of all that manifests with purpose in our lives. Are you ready to disempower all limiting perceptions, to make space for infinite potential and wondrous possibility??

We’re stepping into a 4-week adventure that allows us to meet every week, via ONLINE WEBINAR!! You’re invited to join us.

This is a private group experience, for all who wish to participate.

As part of this SPECIAL PROGRAM you will receive:

  • Up to 2 hours (90 minute minimum) of enLightened experience each week
  • Inspirational teachings through Alania
    We’ll be focused upon the Art of Alchemy, Conscious Creation, and Infinite Potential
  • Direct Channeling and Visualizations
    As divinely guided from the highest planes of Truth and Light, including Lightbody Activation and Energetic Downloads
  • Interactive Support and Participation
    Your prayers and intentions will be honored and energized within the group setting.
  • Heart-centered Bonding
    You are welcome to participate in a private Facebook Group, created for this program only. It’s a great way to share your progress and insights throughout the 4 weeks, if you’d like.
  • Unlimited Access to All that is shared
    Each Webinar will be recorded. You will have direct access to these recordings, to watch as often as you’d like, for the next 3 months.
  • Freedom to Attend at your convenience
    It’s easy to attend!! No downloads or apps. Just follow an online link, and watch live!! If you are unable to join us for the live broadcast, you won’t miss a thing. You may watch the entire re-play afterward, at your own convenience.

Live Broadcasts will be available…

Tuesday ~ July 17th ~ 7 to 9pm EST
Tuesday ~ July 24th ~ 7 to 9pm EST
Tuesday ~ July 31st ~ 7 to 9pm EST
Tuesday ~ August 7th ~ 7 to 9pm EST

We wish to offer you a phenomenal savings on this experience, so that you may easily, joyfully, and ecstatically join us, in bliss. We are offering all 4 weeks of inspirational sharing (including unlimited replays) for only $55!!!!

Eeeee!!!! Even we’re excited!!!! This virtual course was originally priced at $88. 

We encourage you to REGISTER NOW!!! Follow this secure PayPal link to pay at your convenience: YES!! I want to be part of this.

Alania will send you a link to easily access all live broadcasts, once she receives notice of your payment. There is no refund for pre-registered events. But she certainly wishes to honor your journey. If for any reason, your plans change after you’ve registered, you are welcome to use your payment towards any other workshops or services that Alania offers.


As a Divine Channel, Alania lovingly connects YOU to your Angels and Guardians, your own higherSelf, and your wise and ancient Truth!! While working within the Akashic Field of Light and the higher dimensions of Divine Consciousness, she gently channels through the messages of Love, lightbody activations, and cellular downloads that bring support to your earth journey and your soul’s expansion. She passionately assists you to break down all walls of limitation, reprogram old and outdated belief systems, and awaken the infinite Truth and Beauty that is most naturally YOU!!

Have thoughts or questions?? Share them here. Alania will respond as soon as she is able to. Your thoughts matter!! 


2 thoughts on “Creative Alchemy – A 4-week Online Course”

  1. I will be attending and hope many of my friends will join, and many of my blog followers (so I can get to know you)!

    Alania is such a beautiful, enlightened, soul-connected way shower that you WILL have a profound experience when you participate!

    These are exciting times! ❤️🦋🌀


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