Universal Prayers for All

Blessings, My Brothers and Sisters!! I welcome YOU to join me, on Wednesday, August 1st, from wherever you are. I will be holding loving intentions for every bright soul who wishes to receive, while sitting within an epic gateway of Light at Phillipe Park, in Safety Harbor, FL.

Will you join me?? 

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You’re invited to join me physically at the Great Oak, or energetically from wherever and whenever you are.

The most important aspect is SETTING INTENTIONS to unite with us. Your soul will easily connect, once your intentions to be present with us are set. 

I ask you to be clear about your prayers!! Masterful guardians of HEALING LIGHT will be present with us, honoring all that your soul wishes to welcome and receive.

Do not be shy!! I encourage you to welcome ALL that would bring greater expanses of Blessing, Love, and Truth into your life. You are so very worthy of all you can dream of. 

As a gift to the universal HEART of Divine Consciousness, I also ask that you hold clear prayers for all of humanity!! 

We are doing this together!! With each soul who connects, our Sacred Voice grows.

Let us envision all disharmony, discord, and disease transmuting into LOVE upon every plane. Let us see all blame, judgment, and fear being enveloped in the Light of COMPASSION. May all that is imbalanced, become clearly energized in the TRUTH of divine BEing. May all be healed, whole, and healthy.

To join me physically: 
Meet me at the Great Oak a few minutes before 8am!! Our focus will be on holding prayers for ourSelves and all of humanity. Bring something to sit on, and anything else that would make you comfy. We will become the portals for all prayers that flow.

To join me energetically: 
Please consider what time that would be in your local time zone, or set intentions to join us upon the synchronized plane of divine BEing, where all is harmonious and aligned. By simply setting intentions to be with us, regardless of physical time, you will connect.

It is a great honor for me to create space, and bear witness to your soul’s precious prayers and intentions!! I have been doing this since the beginning of time, with great reverence. For a deeper understanding of my story (a part of it), please read this inspiring blog post: Medicine Woman Sings Her Song

Spread the word!!

All are welcome.

All are honored.

All are loved.

© Alania Starhawk 2018

Our last Universal Prayer took place on at Sunrise on June 7th, in Sedona, AZ. You can still connect to the energy of that timeless moment!! A portion of this sunrise prayer was recorded. You can watch it here:

Our next Universal Prayer will take place on Tuesday, September 11th!! Our sacred location is still to be determined. 

Comment below, or contact Alania for any curiosities or thoughts.

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