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ReProgramming Beliefs via Facebook Live

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Are you ready to live an empowered and inspired life?? 

Our current reality is a reflection of all we hold to be true!! Even the challenges and difficulties that we experience are a consequence of the limited beliefs and assumptions we accept as true. 

If we believe that life is hard and we must earn every small accomplishment, then life will continue to validate that belief for us. Complicated scenarios will continue to present themselves and we will continue to participate in them, because we haven’t yet cultivated a strong BELIEF that reminds us:

“We are safe. We are worthy. We are loved.”

When reprogramming beliefs, I am guided by Divine Source to see through all limited perceptions, to bring HEALING and BALANCE at core levels. With compassion, we bring elevated awareness and insight to all that appears confining and restrictive. We unite our energies with all realms of Divine Light and allow the reprogramming to talk place. 

As we align with all new heightened perceptions, we naturally disempower the old. It’s a refocusing of life-force energy!! We free ourselves from the old, by energizing the new.

I welcome you to join us for a series of FREE Facebook Live events – focused upon elevating consciousness by reProgramming all limiting Beliefs!!

With a pure heart, I will welcome Divine Source to facilitate this healing session!! We might share inspirations and sacred teachings. We might channel directly from Source. And we might go into the Akashic Field to gain greater clarity and understanding.

This is an ENERGETIC EXPERIENCE for all who wish to be part of it. 

Your soul will be connecting to all that energetically flows, while receiving direct support from your own guides and guardians.

Our next LIVESTREAM will be on Tuesday, October 23rd @12pm!! We will continue to focus upon “TRUSTING UNIVERSE – TRUSTING SELF”!!

To join us – FOLLOW ME – on Facebook!! https://www.facebook.com/alaniastarhawk

It’s that easy!! 

Just show up….and receive!!

If you have thoughts, questions, or comments you’d like to share – please do!! At any time. We create this blissful journey together!!!

Expect this experience to last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. All is in divine flow!!



Last week’s video, with a profound healing and activation with Earth Mother, can be found here: 


© Alania Starhawk 2018

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