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Are you Living an EmPowered Life??

“Life” is a gift of opportunity and potential. It can serve as a path of mere existence or it can become animated by all we contribute to it each day.

Perhaps it’s vital to consider that Life (with a big L) is happening for us. It’s responding to our emPowered direction and shaping itself to honor our heart’s desires.

But what if we’ve never been taught to Dream?? What if we’ve been moving through this experience, called Life, believing that we are inconsequential and powerless to shape all that is??

It’s possible that we’ve surrendered to a routine existence of indoctrinated insignificance. It’s possible that we’ve forgotten that Life expresses itself through us.

How can it dance freely, in spectacular array, if we are content to silently accept every Life-less (devoid of growth or animation) circumstance that presents itself??

Life is an opportunity to discover what can be!! It’s not always laid out for us. Life (with a big L) is the GIFT of formless, indefinable wonder that can be introduced into our static worlds of existence, as soon as we choose it to be.

All Life includes varying states of consciousness. In the very first stages, there is only “existence”. Life exists, as a fact, but there is no awareness of its existence. As consciousness expands, a sense of curiosity is introduced. We begin to acknowledge that Life, with a greater sense of awe and wonder, exists, but we cannot yet process our intimate relationship with that fathomless existence.

In the next great step of conscious evolution, we acknowledge that Life, in all of its complexity, has direct relation to our individual essence. We begin to explore how we contribute to this miracle, called Life.

To simplify, if we believe that we must adhere to any set of preconceived bounds or expectations, than we believe that we are subject to an impersonal existence of Life. We believe that we are powerless to shape or shift the experience, and we believe that we must “survive” the best way we know how.

In this experience, our focus is upon “getting through”, as if the path is already laid out for us.

From a higher state of consciousness, we might become witness to all factors in motion, but discern whether we wish to participate in them as they are. As we consciously evolve, we draw upon a sacred force of Life within ourSelf, and direct it outwardly, into the world.

We begin to imagine the possibilities and to innocently explore our relationship to all that is and all that appears to be.

Suddenly, we recognize that each of our choices (to act or not act) contributes to the Life that continuously morphs itself for us.

Our newest generations (of consciously evolved souls) are instinctively rising above the indoctrinated path that has been laid out. They’re questioning all that is and all that can be. They’ve been born to awaken this new state of emPowered BEing. It’s natural for them to charge down the yet-to-be-imagined path.

It’s a bit more challenging for some of the older generations (those born into the old paradigm of consciousness) to trust in all that is not yet validated or proven. For they’ve been taught to trust what is said, not what is sensed.

They’ve been taught to blindly trust false forms of authority, in greater ways than they trust themselves. They’re comfortable in believing that Life exists, and they must learn to “survive” in it, without testing the welcoming waters of ever-shifting boundless potential.

So, how do we begin to shift all forms of indoctrinated disEmpowerment??


We remember that our choices, actions, and thoughts affect change in our own lives. We begin to contemplate all new paths of experience. And, we teach our minds to be flexible and open in each fresh moment.

The future is not yet created!! It is shaped by all we believe it to be.

Be confident in all you are worthy of.


And so it is.

It’s that easy. 

© Alania Starhawk 2019

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  1. Beautiful and expansive as always, dear Alania! I took a break from editing my book to read, and this furthered my pondering today about the difference between sensing and believing. As the student yearns, the teacher arrives! 😉

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