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Celebrating 11 Years!!

It was August of 2008 when I stepped free of my traditional career to embrace the open path of divinely-guided teaching, mentoring, and healing.

It wasn’t an easy transition to make – simply because it challenged every belief system I held about what I was personally capable of (I had to find my own way of shining and communicating now), about what I deemed responsible for my family (it felt as though I was taking a huge chance with my future), and about what I was willing to receive (this graceful path involves a deep level of faith and co-creation with the Divine).

The first few years were like a roller-coaster ride of growth and self-doubt — that found me on the edge of “giving it all up” many times.

I didn’t free myself from that existential tug-of-war within, until I realized that I could no longer pretend to “be” something that I’m not. Going back, to everything that once made sense to me, was not an option.

In that perfect moment of self-realization, all resistance fell away, and I accepted my Self as a Divine Channel. This “title” wasn’t describing something that I did or something that I needed to attain to. It was describing my authentic nature and pure heart. It was giving me permission to be all that I am.

Acceptance of “all I am” was a profound right of passage for my soul. It opened the door to progressively more expansive miracles and insights for me and my inspired work.

This week, more than a few souls happened to share their gratitude for something I had shared with each of them in the initial stages of their own soul’s growth and expansion. Because I see each of them as sacred masters of their experience, I had forgotten about their initial stages of self-doubt and insecurity.

These reminders were all precious gifts for me. They each reminded me of the many steps and stages of self-empowerment that led ME here — to this epic moment of simply “being” all that I am.

This month marks 11 years of confidently trusting in my Self and my Sacred Voice.

It’s an epic accomplishment that I almost neglected to appreciate.

When I originally prayed “Let me be your voice!!” to the Divine, I had no attachment as to what that meant. It was simply my soul’s greatest desire.

But now, it is my reality.

I invite you to celebrate with me!!

I will be LIVESTREAMING on Facebook Live this evening at 7pm EST!! I will channel a message through for all who wish to receive – filling the time with as many messages as I can fit.

To join us LIVE – you must join our private Facebook group: Awakening Divine Self

Just click on at 7pm EST and join in the fun!! If you miss us live – the video will be available to watch in replay.

Deep gratitude flows to each bright soul who inspires me upon this journey. We are one cosmic Light – expressing ourselves in unique ways.

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