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Celebrating 11 Years!!

It was August of 2008 when I stepped free of my traditional career to embrace the open path of divinely-guided teaching, mentoring, and healing.

It wasn’t an easy transition to make – simply because it challenged every belief system I held about what I was personally capable of (I had to find my own way of shining and communicating now), about what I deemed responsible for my family (it felt as though I was taking a huge chance with my future), and about what I was willing to receive (this graceful path involves a deep level of faith and co-creation with the Divine).

The first few years were like a roller-coaster ride of growth and self-doubt — that found me on the edge of “giving it all up” many times.

I didn’t free myself from that existential tug-of-war within, until I realized that I could no longer pretend to “be” something that I’m not. Going back, to everything that once made sense to me, was not an option.

In that perfect moment of self-realization, all resistance fell away, and I accepted my Self as a Divine Channel. This “title” wasn’t describing something that I did or something that I needed to attain to. It was describing my authentic nature and pure heart. It was giving me permission to be all that I am.

Acceptance of “all I am” was a profound right of passage for my soul. It opened the door to progressively more expansive miracles and insights for me and my inspired work.

This week, more than a few souls happened to share their gratitude for something I had shared with each of them in the initial stages of their own soul’s growth and expansion. Because I see each of them as sacred masters of their experience, I had forgotten about their initial stages of self-doubt and insecurity.

These reminders were all precious gifts for me. They each reminded me of the many steps and stages of self-empowerment that led ME here — to this epic moment of simply “being” all that I am.

This month marks 11 years of confidently trusting in my Self and my Sacred Voice.

It’s an epic accomplishment that I almost neglected to appreciate.

When I originally prayed “Let me be your voice!!” to the Divine, I had no attachment as to what that meant. It was simply my soul’s greatest desire.

But now, it is my reality.

I invite you to celebrate with me!!

Take a few moments to reflect upon your own growth and expansion. You are NOT who you once were!! You are amazing in every way. Seriously!!

And if you find yourself still doubting your extraordinary nature or questioning what comes next — you might wish to indulge in a sacred session with me.

In celebration of our journey forward, I am offering SPECIAL PRICING on all of my private sessions this week!! You may schedule your sessions at any time — but you must purchase your sessions by Saturday, August 24th.

It’s been more than a year since I’ve offered promotional pricing on my sessions — so this is exciting!!!!!!!! Don’t miss out.

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Your purchase is non-refundable. But Alania certainly wishes to honor your journey. If for any reason, your plans change after you’ve made your purchase, you are welcome to use your payment towards any other services that Alania offers.

Learn more about Alania’s healing services here.

As an additional form of celebration, I will be LIVESTREAMING on Facebook Live this evening at 7pm EST!! I will channel a message through for all who wish to receive – filling the time with as many messages as I can fit.

To join us LIVE – you must join our private Facebook group: Awakening Divine Self

Just click on at 7pm EST and join in the fun!! If you miss us live – the video will be available to watch in replay.

Deep gratitude flows to each bright soul who inspires me upon this journey. We are one cosmic Light – expressing ourselves in unique ways.

I am you and you are me.


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