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Calling in the Divine!

A Sacred ONLINE Program


Do you wish to deepen your relationship with the Divine? To remember how intimately connected —YOU ARE— to all Divine Source!?   

We are in a perpetual dance with Life. Communicating with all forces of nature without truly understanding the power we hold. 

Through intentional words, prayer, and heart intentions, we speak volumes upon unseen realms of Light and Truth. 

We invoke the Divine to walk with us in a sacred way.

Does this excite you?

An Invocation to Light:

Beautiful Source, I open my heart to receive. I lift the veils of forgetfulness and welcome all sacred remembrance into my being. Let me be whole!

~ Alania Starhawk

About This Program:

Beginning April 12th


If you are not yet a weaver of words and heart declarations, you soon will be. By giving our hearts (our soul's truth) a voice to express themselves freely, we call in all divine realms to share in our experiences and bless us fully. 

Join Alania for FOUR divinely channeled Livestreams—focused on invoking the power and presence of the Divine—and 22 Days of BONUS POSTS and inspirations!!

How It Works:

All experiences will take place inside an exclusive (for participant's of this program only) Facebook group. This allows you to participate at your own pace! You will also be able to interact with the group as little or as much as you'd like. 

Alania will "go live" for at least ONE HOUR every Tuesday evening at 7pm EST—between April 12th and May 3rd.

  • Tuesday, April 12th @7pm EST
  • Tuesday, April 19th @7pm EST
  • Tuesday, April 26th @7pm EST
  • Tuesday, May 3rd @7pm EST

Alania will also POST inspirational messages, teachings, and devotional exercises in the group daily—between April 12th and May 3rd.

These posts are designed to joyfully deepen your relationship to the Divine!

This is an ENERGETIC program! Designed to remind you how infinitely safe, loved, and supported you truly are.

Will You Join Us?

Receive EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to this "Calling in the Divine" Program with Alania for only $88 when you Register Now!!

And to make it even easier to say "Yes!", you are welcome to pay in installments if you'd like. Pay only $44 now—and $44 by April 22nd,


NEW PAYMENT OPTION! Do you prefer Venmo? You can find me on Venmo as:


Your payments are non-refundable. But Alania certainly wishes to honor your journey. If for any reason, your plans change after you've made your purchase, you are welcome to apply your payment towards any of Alania's future events or services. 

Meet Your Guide:

Alania Starhawk

Divine Channel | Inspired Author | Spiritual Mentor | Sacred Visionary


Alania Starhawk is a divine channel, inspired author, sacred visionary, and spiritual mentor. Her gifts of clear sight and intuitive knowing allow her to connect to the infinite realms of truth and light that exist within all forms of creation. Alania introduces us to a world of infinite possibility by powerfully sharing the sacred teachings that speak to our soul. These enlightened teachings, which support humanity’s evolution and awakening, come from the many beings of Light that communicate directly to Alania.

In her newly published book, Divine Self: Awakening into Sacred Remembrance, she  activates the cellular memories of our own empowered truth. In her words, "We are so much more than we imagine ourselves to be."

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