11/11 Soul Awakenings Circle

Join Alania in Nature


Calling all Lightkeepers! Join Alania Starhawk for this incredible gateway of awakening and remembrance. Under the trees! In love.

The 11/11 lightcodes speak to the divine matrix in each cell and atom of our physical being. They awaken the memory of ONENESS—not just with each other, but with all nature and all life.  

By remembering our personal and intimate connection to all sacred life-force, we learn to accept ourselves as sacred and divine too.


Friday November 11th @11am EST


This is an In-Person event

We will be gathering in a well-known Tampa Bay park. The exact location will be given after you have registered. This will allow me to appropriately prepare for all who will be with us! And since this will be an intimate experience, in which we can share and feel connected to each other, I will close registrations when we reach 12 or so people.

Will You Join Us?

We welcome a sacred $33 energy exchange in appreciation for all that is lovingly experienced.

Do you prefer Venmo? You can find me on Venmo as @Alania-Starhawk

Your payments are non-refundable. But Alania certainly wishes to honor your journey. If for any reason, your plans change after you've made your purchase, you are welcome to apply your payment towards any of Alania's future events or services. 

Important to Know:

Once registered, Alania will send you the exact location.

• In honor of this special 11/11 gateway, we shall begin at 11am!

• This will be a ceremonial experience. If you do arrive a bit late, find a comfy place to sit and join us quietly. 

•  Please save Alania's phone number in your phone! She will be asking for yours as well. This is to make sure we can reach each other easily. Text is best!

All events in nature are a bit unpredictable. We will trust that nature is gracefully supporting us, but please be open to any changes that might be necessary. 

What to Bring:

  • Water to refresh and nurture your body!
  • A chair or blanket to sit on.
  • A journal if you'd like to write during the quiet moments. (optional)
  • Anything else that makes you or your body comfy. 

Meet Your Guide:

Alania Starhawk

Divine Channel | Spiritual Mentor | Author | Sacred Visionary

Alania’s beautiful gift of sight and knowing can assist you in connecting to your own guides, guardians, higher self, and ancient truth. Through inspirational messages and channelings, lightbody activations, and cellular downloads, she brings support to your earth journey and your own soul’s expansion. She effortlessly radiates the Light and Truth that powerfully awakens the “I AM” in you.

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