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Ascension Lightcodes @R3

An Attunement to Light


This event is now full! We look forward to seeing you at our next empowering event.

This is such a sacred time for lightbody upgrades and ascension. The more we attune to higher frequencies of infinite potential, the more they become our reality.

You are a radiant being of Light, having a beautifully human experience!  

Join Alania Starhawk as she channels through Ascension Lightcodes to assist your soul's journey into remembrance. She'll be welcoming timeless guardians of Light to compassionately activate your cellular memories of living a resourceful, empowered, and joyful life. 

Are you ready to receive your Ascension Lightcodes?

"You are the LIGHT of God—remembering that you are authentically safe, healthy, and loved. When you remember this, every shadow will fall away because it cannot thrive in an illuminated mind."

~ Divine Spirit


Join Alania:

Saturday November 25th @10am


This is an In-Person event

I'm so excited to share that we are being hosted by R3 Miracles Center in Palm Harbor. The shining keepers of this space, Elasa and Kay, have created an intentional sanctuary of Light! The moment you step in, you feel the love. 

Space is limited to only 10 bright souls! Please register to save your space.

Our event will begin promptly at 10am! You're welcome to arrive 15 minutes early to get yourself cozy and settled before we begin. Doors will open at 9:45 (and not before).

We're so excited to share this sacred experience with you. 

Join Alania:

This event is now full! We look forward to seeing you at our next empowering event.

We welcome a sacred $33 energy exchange in appreciation for all that is lovingly experienced.

Your payments are non-refundable. But Alania certainly wishes to honor your journey. If for any reason, your plans change after you've made your purchase, you are welcome to apply your payment towards any of Alania's future events or services. 

Important to Know:

Once registered, Alania will send you the exact location and address.

• We begin at 10am! You are welcome to arrive up to 15 minutes early to get comfy and settled.

• This is a sacred and energetic experience. We will begin at 10am.

•  Please save Alania's phone number in your phone! She will be asking for yours as well. This is to make sure we can reach each other easily. Text is best!

Bring a journal for notes (if you wish) and water for hydration. 


Meet Your Guide:

Alania Starhawk

Divine Channel | Inspired Author | Spiritual Mentor | Sacred Visionary


Alania Starhawk is a divine channel, inspired author, sacred visionary, and spiritual mentor. Her gifts of clear sight and intuitive knowing allow her to connect to the infinite realms of truth and light that exist within all forms of creation. Alania introduces us to a world of infinite possibility by powerfully sharing the sacred teachings that speak to our soul. These enlightened teachings, which support humanity’s evolution and awakening, come from the many beings of Light that communicate directly to Alania.

In her newly published book, Divine Self: Awakening into Sacred Remembrance, she  activates the cellular memories of our own empowered truth. In her words, "We are so much more than we imagine ourselves to be."

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