About Alania


As a Lightworker and Angelic Messenger of Light…I seek to be an open channel and tool for Spirit’s LOVE and Guidance!!    Each day I learn greater ways to BE…to SPEAK…to LOVE…and to SHARE.    But in all moments…I share all that I AM freely and truthfully!!

I walk with Angels, Spirit Guides, StarBeings, and Ascended Masters!!    I honor the LIGHT in each of us…and I sincerely thank each of the beautiful “Earth Angels” that inspire me daily!!

My passion is to bring people together through facilitating SACRED CIRCLES…and reminding others about their Sacred Light within.     Locally…and globally…our heart-centered community builds stronger each day.   And together…we’re opening portals of DIVINE LIGHT that continue to welcome and bring Heaven to Earth!!

In truth…I am ready to SOAR and Embrace every imaginable Blessing!!    So…Dear Spirit…BRING IT ON!!     I joyfully welcome every opportunity to SPIRAL Freely and Passionately through life!! ♥


Truly Grateful and Joyfully Inspired,


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