Akashic Healing: A Teleconference

Sunday – March 12th – 7pm EST

Sunday – March 19th – 7pm EST

Join Alania Starhawk as she works with the Akashic Guardians of Light to bring through all knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and truth to CLEAR all resistance to Loving OurSelves, fully and completely!! As we HEAL all outdated and limited programs and patterns from our cellular memory, we make room to reMember how beautiful, perfect, and WORTHY we are!!! 

“SelfWORTH” is the focus of this healing experience!!

Alania will be working within the Akashic Field of Light to bring through archetypal memories that align with the collective energy we all hold. The healing will be particular for all who participate in this experience, but it will be happening on a collective scale. Together, we’ll access the CORE patterning that is ready for shift and expansion.

By healing all limited beliefs (at the original point of creation), we heal all timelines and belief systems built upon that original core belief. For example: If we bring healing to the ancient part of our soul that originally felt abandoned……..we clear the path which welcomes SACRED LOVE into our current life. 

All will be divinely channeled, compassionately and lovingly, through Alania. Recordings of the experience will be available after the LIVE EVENT, for purchase and download.

This is a 2-part experience!! We encourage you to join us on both Sunday, March 12th at 7pm EST and Sunday, March 19th at 7pm EST.  

Each 90-minute experience is being offered for only $33 per session!! 

But, since Alania feels so passionate about getting this HEALING ENERGY out to all who would be infinitely blessed, she has created an even greater opportunity for You.

A sacred offering of $44 will include:

Participation in both LIVE HEALING EVENTS on Sunday, March 12th and Sunday, March 19th….and the audio recordings/downloads for each event.

Even if you’re unable to participate Live, your Spirit will be part of the collective group BEing healed and attuned in that experience!! 

REGISTER NOW….to initiate your soul’s alignment with the energy that flows

Once you’ve registered, you will receive the call-in information for participation in this experience.

Please spread the word!! This is a very special opportunity. We look forward to uniting with YOU, in a sacred way.

Alania Starhawk

Divine Channel │ Angelic Messenger │ Lightworker

As a Divine Channel, Alania lovingly connects YOU to your Angels and Guardians, your own higherSelf, and your wise and ancient Truth!! While working within the Akashic Field of Light and the higher dimensions of Divine Consciousness, she gently channels through the messages of Love, lightbody activations, and cellular downloads that bring support to your earth journey and yoursoul’s expansion. She passionately assists you to break down all walls of limitation, reprogram old and outdated belief systems, and awaken the infinite Truth and Beauty that is most naturally YOU!!