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Alania Starhawk

Please kme.144pxnow that I am honored to walk with you on your journey!!   I welcome any thoughts, ideas or heart-felt comments!!    I will do my very best to respond quickly and lovingly to every message.    However, I will genuinely say that I run solo most of the time.    If you do not hear from me within 24 hours…it means that I am in the midst of some healing events…spirit teachings
…or celebrating the joy of family time.

The quickest mode of communication is often email…because I can respond any time of the day or night.   Lol    BUT…all is as it should be.    So please feel free to contact me as you choose!! ♥


Phone:   727-433-2114


anahataLight.3fade    anahataLight.2fade


Healing Space (by appointment):

Smart Sixty Six Building

12360 66th Street, Largo FL  33773

Suite Q



Or you can use this comment form to easily email me:

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  1. Joan says:


    1. Thank you, Joan!! I appreciate you. 💛

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