Donations and Contributions

Infinite Prosperity ~ Love ~ and Wonder spirals to and through each of us on our ever-evolving journeys each day!!   We are all gifted beyond measure!!    It’s in the recognition of these blessings that we discover the JOY and GRATITUDE that lifts us up to even higher realms of vibrational BEing!!

If you are guided to contribute a gift of gratitude to Alania today…then please use this Contribution link.    It will bring you to a secure paypal cart.   No paypal account is needed.

I offer deep gratitude for all who choose to generously share their Abundance and Love!!    We…you and I…are on this journey together!!   And you INSPIRE ME to keep soaring higher!!      Together…we make the difference!!


Thank YOU for your support!!


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  1. Alania, I don’t have any funds in my Paypal account. So, How do I do my donation for tonight w my debit card: Thanks, Love, Christine

    1. I’m so glad that you joined us for the experience!! PayPal allows you to use any payment method you’d like. If you have a PayPal account…you should have a “preferred payment method” already set with them. But you can shift that to any card or checking account also. Take your time. There is no rush. 🙂 You are loved!!

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