Empowered Empaths: A 10-day Online Intensive

Does being an Empath sometimes hold you back from feeling Empowered and Inspired in your life?? Would you like to TAKE YOUR POWER BACK so that you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of – without being continuously triggered by your environment??

Alania can help!! She’s offering YOU a phenomenal opportunity to understand your EMPATHIC NATURE from the highest perceptions of Truth and Awareness. For 10 amazing days she will share sacred teachings, divinely channeled insights, and energy attunements – all designed to EMPOWER YOU in the life you lead.

As a Divine Channel and Sacred Visionary, Alania has been teaching thousands of souls to CREATE SACRED SPACE for themselves. Her unique teachings bring new heights of confidence and PERSONAL POWER to each soul’s precious journey!! Her inspirations are always easy to understand and easy to integrate into your everyday experiences.

Does this interest you??

Alania invites you to join her for a flexible and fun intensive course that will inspire immediate shift and change in your everyday experiences by deepening your connection to SELF, SOURCE, and THE WORLD AROUND YOU.

If “shielding yourself from negativity” is not getting you the results you’d like – it might be time to explore a more positive, creative, and uplifting path forward.

How will this course work??

Creating a virtual environment that encourages heart-centered sharing, interaction, and communication during this ONLINE COURSE is a great priority for Alania. So we’ll be utilizing Facebook’s PRIVATE GROUP option as our SACRED MEETING SPACE. Only those who are registered in the course will have EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to all that is shared.

Alania will LIVESTREAM DAILY at 9am EST for 10 sacred days beginning Monday, December 2nd!!

What will she discuss??

• Day 1 What is an Empath? Let’s dispel the myths and false truths that allow us to see empathy as a challenge that we must overcome. Our empathy is what allows us to heal all perceived separation upon the earth plane!! It connects us to our heart space and ultimately creates a path to oneness and all-encompassing peace. It is a divine gift!!

• Day 2 Creating Sacred Space   A foundation for all healing work!! We can’t begin to find peace, harmony, and balance in our busy lives, if we have yet to find peace, harmony, and balance in our body, mind, and spirit. By learning to create our own sacred space – both physically and energetically – we reclaim our personal power and cultivate a unshakable sense of safety and security in our lives.

• Day 3 Understanding Our Emotions As empaths, we can be highly sensitive to energies that are rising within our self and within our environment. It’s important to understand the complexities of these emotions so that we can honor our experience without letting the emotions control us. By becoming the wise and empowered witness to our emotional candor, we can bring healing to the source of the emotions and harmony to each moment that arises.

• Day 4  Healing the Wounded Self We carry the ancient imprints of pain, shame, abandonment, and loss. As an empowered empath, it’s important to recognize ancient patterns of emotional trauma so that we can effectively heal them without associating them with our current reality. Discernment, forgiveness, and compassion are vital skills for every empowered empath to employ. The past is only as relevant as we allow it to be.

• Day 5 Relationship Harmony Would you like to cultivate more honest and meaningful relationships in your life? By connecting heart to heart, we rise beyond the egoic reactions and patterned behaviors of any relationship that might be challenged or uncomfortable. We can compassionately apply these teachings to every relationship we experience – with friends, family, lovers, business associates, work colleagues, and acquaintances.

• Day 6 Strengthening Our Intuitive Skills By creating greater comfort with our empathic nature, we become more attuned to the deeper whispers of universal source. As we learn to listen, without fear or attachment, we welcome all messages as sacred insight that bring clarity and purpose to our life journey. All truth and understanding is ours to embrace.

• Day 7 Harmonic Resonance By learning to direct our focus, our empathic skills can teach us to harmonize and resonate with any potential reality we wish to know. We learn to feel our way through every doorway of opportunity and to tap into all infinite potential – vibrationally. This practice of “tuning in” can bring instant shift to any situation that might arise. It places our power back within.

• Day 8 Trusting Self We are the center of our own expansive universe. By trusting our thoughts, passions, and instincts to guide us – we clear all distractions – and effortlessly create the experiences that most bless, inspire, and uplift our journey!! This is where we instill confidence in our own voice and our own wisdom!! It’s time.

• Day 9 Humanity’s Ascension We’re doing it together!! Humanity is rising from the mire of it’s own self-proclaimed insignificance. We’re ascending to greater states of compassionate healing and empowered existence. And……every bright empath is contributing to this collective path of enlightenment!! Let’s connect to the greater truth, so that we recognize the profound impact that our individual choices and behaviors make upon the greater scale that is.

• Day 10 Creating Community Every sacred breath brings us closer to the wholeness, acceptance, and connection we wish to find!! But for too long we’ve been waiting to “welcome” this re-union upon the earth realms. Waiting is no longer comfortable for those of us who hold clear sight and remembrance!! We must be the ones to CULTIVATE and CREATE communication, compassionate harmony, and sacred embraces – near and far. In prayer and in action – we must be the ones that teach our families, our communities, and our nations to LOVE PURELY without resistance. We know what is desired because we are the EMPOWERED EMPATHS of an awakening people. We must be the ones to walk first upon this path of trust, peace, and love.

Each day will activate new levels of awareness, confidence, and purpose within. Alania is dedicated to power-packing each day fully!! Beyond our 30-minute Facebook LIVE session every morning at 9am, beginning Monday, December 2nd, Alania will generously share additional inspiring posts, teachings, and visualizations daily.

This is an incredible opportunity to be inspired in a supportive environment!! All recordings and teachings will be available for you to watch, or read, at your own pace, as often as you’d like. She will be actively available for all questions, curiosities, and discussions.

Will you join us??

Receive all 10 days of Teaching, Inspiration, and Activation for only $111 when you Register Now!!

A special EARLY REGISTRATION BONUS is also included when you Register by November 24th!! Alania is making this offer irresistible by gifting a Complimentary 30-minute Divine Counseling Session (a $65 value) to all who say “YES!!” right now.

Empowered Empaths with Alania Starhawk

Enjoy this intensive 10-day ONLINE program with Alania Starhawk - focused upon empowering our greatest potential as gifted Empaths!! All teachings will be shared in a private Facebook group - created exclusively for this exciting program!! Your participation will be highly encouraged.


Meet Your Guide:

Alania Starhawk

Divine Channel | Spiritual Mentor | Lightworker

Alania’s beautiful gift of sight and knowing can assist you in connecting to your own guides, guardians, higher self, and ancient truth. Through inspirational messages and channelings, lightbody activations, and cellular downloads, she brings support to your earth journey and your own soul’s expansion. She effortlessly radiates the Light and Truth that powerfully awakens the “I AM” in you.