Private Healing Sessions

“Shine Bright One!! Be your own voice of Truth and Wisdom!! Be your own navigational force!! Be the purpose for each moment and opportunity. For in truth…YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE and THE UNIVERSE IS YOU!!”

~ Infinite Spirit as channeled by Alania

Alania’s beautiful gift of sight and knowing can assist you in connecting to your own guides, guardians, higher self, and ancient truth.  Through inspirational messages and channelings, lightbody activations, and cellular downloads…she brings support to your earth journey and your own soul’s expansion. She effortlessly radiates the Light and Truth that powerfully awakens the “I AM” in you.

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In this session, Alania will use her intuitive gifts of sight and knowing to receive messages from your personal spirit guides and guardians!! She shares each message with a heart-centered genuine connection…and reaches into the highest vibrations of Light to receive. With a shift of awareness…she can also bring through messages from a Loved One on the other side.

Please feel free to contact Alania for any curiosities you may have. She is passionate about this work…and like you to be comfortable with the experience. Every effort will be made to honor your journey!! If gentleness is needed…she will intuitively bring through gentleness. And if a powerful push is needed to encourage you…then that will naturally come through too.

Appointments are available in her Largo, FL healing office studio…or by phone and video chat. In spirit…there is no separation of energy!! Once notice of your purchase is received…Alania will contact you to schedule an appointment. ♥

Price:  $111               Buy Now

 30-minute Intuitive Healing Sessions with Alania are  also available by request for $60.

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These private Attunements to Divine Frequency allow the blessing of RECEPTIVITY to take place at all levels of BEing. As you lie in a relaxed state (upon a yoga mat or a massage table) with beautiful crystals on or around you, Alania will powerfully open a portal of Divine Truth and Love to surround you, welcoming in your Guides and Guardians to bring through waves of Healing Light and Divine Frequency!!

In this sacred experience, channeled messages will flow, to bring in conscious awareness of the healing taking place. But at a deeper level, your body and soul will be attuning to the subtle waves of higher frequency that flow particularly for YOU. Use of crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, rattles, chimes and other instruments may be used. Silence or music may also be important to your unique journey. Silence sometimes creates space for the new frequencies to integrate and align with your energetic body.

In these sacred experiences, Alania allows the inspiration to flow organically. At times, ancient wounds are cleared and healed. At other times, a soul is lifted into fullness with their Divine Truth. Whatever will bless your unique soul in that moment, powerfully flows.

Appointments are currently available in-person only. Please contact Alania for any curiosities about the experience. Once notice of your purchase is received…Alania will contact you to schedule an appointment. ♥

Price:  $111               Buy Now

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In this session, we’ll powerfully break through all patterns of limitation and resistance…clearing the path to self-empowerment and accomplishment!! We can shift the energies from doubt, fear, lack, emotional pain, and confusion…to ones of joy, trust, creative passion, love, and clear focus.

By tapping into the Akashic Field of Light for greater support, knowledge, and understanding…we’ll bring Light to forgotten aspects of ourselves. We’ll begin to understand where our limited beliefs originally came from….which can naturally alter the way we look at our current experience and situation. By seeing from these expanded realms of Truth and Being….we gain greater perspective and insight.

It’s a deep intimate journey into our Soul’s truest essence!! To learn more about the Akashic Field of Light…please read this fabulous article: “Healing Naturally With The Akashic Field of Light and Truth”.

What to expect in a “Healing Naturally with The Akashic Field of Light” session with Alania:

  • Sacred Space – A loving prayer to support your journey and to open a channel for all divine aspects of Love to flow
  • A Message of Love – Before discussing your interests or points of focus…a clear Message of Love will be channeled from your bright Angels and Guardians
  • Setting Intentions – Together we will discuss your concerns, interests, and intentions…and thoughtfully create power-filled Intentions to direct your unique healing journey
  • Insight and Truth – Together we’ll tap into the ever-expansive Akashic Field of Light for greater clarity and understanding
  • Awareness – Recognizing how all newly revealed Knowledge and Truth affects our current experience…and how we can easily shift our current perceptions to ones that more fully align with our chosen journey
  • Tools and Support – Custom designed mantras, meditations, or visualization exercises may be shared…in efforts to support your ongoing journey into self-empowerment
  • Prayers of Love – A few minutes of silence to assimilate all new information and understanding into your own energetic fields of Light

The overall intention for each session is to support your Soul’s evolutionary journey into Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, and Self-Empowerment!! All is an organic unfolding… harmony with your Highest Good!!!  Arrive without expectations….so that you may truly be open to the WONDER that will reveal itself!!

Appointments are available in Alania’s Largo, FL healing studio studio…or by phone and video chat. In spirit…there is no separation of energy!! These sessions can easily be recorded…regardless of the chosen method of communication. Once notice of your purchase is received…Alania will contact you to schedule an appointment. ♥

Price:  $144               Buy Now

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If you are committed to stepping into the Heart of Divine Consciousness…by reMembering your unique Soul’s Voice, Beauty, Light and Purpose…then you may wish to accept this opportunity to journey monthly with Alania!!

This 3-month program of deep self-reflection….includes 3 “80-minute Healing Naturally with the Akashic Field of Light Sessions”…at a discounted package rate. Save $99 when you purchase an “AKASHIC HEALING 3-Session Package” for a sacredly aligned $333!!

Together we’ll be able to evaluate your personal growth and expansion each month….while deepening your personal sense of self-acceptance and self-empowerment!! New exercises, meditations and mantras will be added each month….in harmony and alignment with your soul’s natural expansion.

In this program….you will be responsible for your own healing progress, focus, and experience throughout the month. But you won’t be alone. You will know that Alania fully supports your journey…in prayer, truth, and love!! You will be able to sense her Spirit cheering you on. And when mid-month guidance is needed….you are welcome to message her for inspiration!!

Each session may be scheduled at an interval that aligns with your spirit. Scheduling one each month is only Alania’s suggestion. You may choose to meet sooner or later than what is recommended. ♥

No refunds will be offered for unused sessions. However…Alania wishes to fully honor your experience!! Your financial investment never expires!! You may use it as you choose…for any of her workshops, events or services!!

3-Session Package Price:  $333              Buy Now


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