The Dream Machine with Miles Blount


Working with your Dreams is FUN…EASY…and hugely Expanding!  Come join us for the ride of your life.   We are going to do dreams like never before!!

This is a 3-Part Dream Workshop that will create a foundation for deeper understanding and comfort between yourSelf…and your DREAMS!!

With lots of hands-on teachings…we will immediately begin working on our current dreams.  We encourage you to bring yours to share…if you’d like.  You will each walk away with an easy-to-use process that can not only be used for your dreams…but for you waking life as well.

We will also go over a fool-proof process to analyze your dreams, understand YOUR personal symbols, and learn how to most effectively use dreams to get answers to life’s many unending questions.    Together…we’ll be looking at advanced dreaming techniques…and teaching you how to use them confidently.   With all of the vast knowledge that will be shared…you’ll naturally gain a greater understanding for integrating DREAMS into your daily life.

The complete DREAM WORKSHOP includes three consecutive Wednesday sessions!!   We’ll be gathering January 13th ~ January 20th ~ and January 27th from 6:30 to 9pm. 

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Can’t wait to see you there!!!!! ♥