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“Be The Change That You Want To See!!”   ~ Mahatma Gandhi

With hearts united in a prayer of PEACE ~ so our hands too will be united as a symbol of that prayer becoming manifest!!   No longer do we wish to stand by and say “someday”.   This IS the day!!   On September 20th, 2015…let us stand strong as ONE VOICE and say “Let PEACE Be The Way!!”

Let each soul know only LOVE in our embrace!!   Let strangers become friends…and disharmony become compassionate sight of the greater truth!!

For on this day our hearts will CREATE the portal of Light and Peace that will forever be felt!! ♥    Let no brother stand alone!!   Let no sister feel without significance!!   For this is the day our LOVE becomes manifest in a magnified way.

Will you join us??   Will you sing strong “Let PEACE Be The Way”??

Locally ~ we’ll be gathering at Phillipe Park in Safety Harbor, FL

Globally ~ we’ll be uniting our HEARTS in Prayer at 7pm EST


Locally ~ please join us at 3pm for our opening ceremony.   With hands united…we’ll be opening a PORTAL of PEACE to surround this globe and touch every human heart!!    We need YOU to anchor this sacred energy…and to magnify the LOVE that will be flowing throughout the day!!

Globally ~ at 7pm EST…our VOICES will begin to lift for 11 Sacred Minutes of Peaceful Intention and Prayer!!   See our Lights weaving together as a bright tapestry of LOVE ~ singing the song of PEACE in our hearts!!   Seed the vision of ONE BROTHERHOOD and SISTERHOOD of mankind!!    See colors blending and hearts uniting.    See fear and hate melting into nothingness…while compassion takes it’s place.    See the LIGHT in each precious soul flaming bright and proud…honoring the BEAUTY they naturally are.

If you are joining us locally ~ please bring a chair or blanket to sit on, any drums or rattles you wish to use or share, and any snacks or edibles you wish to much on or share.   Kids of all ages are welcome!!   Spread the word. ♥

PEACE DAY ~ September 20th, 2015

Phillipe Park ~ Pavilion #2 ~ Safety Harbor, FL

Reiki Share Under the Great Oak ~ 2pm

Opening Ceremony ~ 3pm

Universal Peace Prayer ~ 7pm EST


More fabulous details and announcements to come!! ♥

You may contact me here for any additional questions or curiosities:

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