Sedona: Terms and Conditions


This is a sacred retreat, designed to support you upon a personal journey into your deepest and brightest aspects of Self. Intentions have been lovingly set to allow for a smooth, uplifting, and transformational experience for all. One way that we can ensure a ‘smooth’ experience, is to encourage clear communication at every level.

Please review all of the information that is shared here on this page, and let us know if some questions or curiosities still arise. We welcome your valuable thoughts and input. We wish to support you in any way we can, while still supporting the voice and interests of the collective.

Even if we have not yet danced together in this earth experience….

we are soon to become FAMILY!!


Our Time Together….

We are proud to say that we will be limiting this experience to only 12 participants. This will allow for deeper bonding and sharing amongst the group. We are certain that only those who are ready for soul growth and expansion will be joining us…which ensures that we’ll each be inspiring the other.  I say this because we will be spending much time together, and ‘sharing’ our experiences can be one of the most precious gifts we receive.

We’ll also be spending the majority of our time outdoors in nature.  While it is not necessary for you to hike extreme terrain, it is important that you are comfortable outdoors. Each path will have less and more strenuous options, to honor your comfort level.  We ask that you are fully aware of your physical abilities and take responsibility for your own self-care. We will support and assist you, as any sister would. But you are fully responsible for your own comfort and safety.

We ask that you review our Liability Release form before you register. You will be asked to sign it shortly after you register online. You may review that form here at your convenience:

Registration, Deposit, and Payments….

We encourage you to make a non-refundable deposit of $333 once you sense that this experience is for YOU!!! This deposit will secure your space, and open a door of commitment within your BEing, that will allow you to begin receiving from the higher dimensions of divine support.

We ask that full payment of your tuition is complete by August 1st. Your tuition (excluding the non-refundable deposit of $333) is fully refundable up until August 1st.

In the event of unexpected life-changing circumstances, 50% of your tuition is refundable after August 1st. We encourage the purchase of Travel Insurance if this is of concern for you. You can find insurance with Allianz here.

Your deposit will initiate your registration. Shortly afterward, Alania or Patti will contact you to complete your registration, by asking you to share your name, email, phone, and a few interests. Further information about our journey will also be shared with you at that time.

You may choose to pay-in-full (upon registration) or to design your own comfortable payment schedule. We will share links with you, that allow you to pay the amount of your choice, at your convenience.  We will send out balance reminders to keep you updated, every 6 weeks or so.




Getting to Know You….

Prior to embarking upon our adventure, Patricia McGivern will request a few questions to be filled out upon a Client History form. This form will allow her to learn a bit more about you, so that she can direct our Past-Life Regressions and experiences with ease and grace. This form need not be filled out til the first week or two of September. You will receive a request as we get closer to our departure date. But you may review the form here, when you’d like:

 Flexibility and Divine Flow….

Please know that your inspiring journey is our priority!! We will continuously do all we can to honor our descriptions, itineraries, and intentions completely. We do, however, reserve the right to shift any details that would bring greater comfort, ease and support to our journey. If we do find it necessary to shift a detail, rest assured that it will be for the group’s benefit and blessing. Life sometimes happens…and we shall most lovingly follow the ‘flow’ as best we can.

Community Spirit….

We’ll be in group settings throughout our journey. We will all be taking photos that uplift and inspire us. If you do not wish to be in any photos, please share that with us before our journey begins. We wish to honor your choices.

If you are guided to take beautiful photos of the people, places, and ceremonies we experience, we would be quite honored. As a sweet request, we ask that group photos are offered to be shared.  This brings us closer together, and opens to even greater blessings.

Blissful Joy….


This journey is a GIFT that will open profound doors of Awakening with your BEing!!

Hold on. It’s happening!! And WE are here to support You.

Contact Us….

Alania Starhawk │ 727-433-2114 │

Patricia McGivern │  727-992-9262 │