Sedona Retreat


Let Your Soul Explore…

Journey Into Self

A Sacred Retreat Into Divine Remembrance

Hosted by Patricia McGivern
and Alania Starhawk
in Sedona, Arizona

September 27th, 2017 to October 1st, 2017


Calling all Soul Explorers to journey into self-awareness and discovery…in a sacred way!! 

Are you ready to see yourSelf through the eyes of Love…without judgment??

Your beautiful guides, Patricia McGivern and Alania Starhawk, are inviting YOU to join them on a profound journey of heart expansion and soul remembrance in the mystical land of Sedona, AZ. Sedona’s pure and majestic landscape makes it the perfect ‘Shangri-La’ for deep spiritual reflection and attunement.

The red rocks are home to countless vortices of multi-dimensional energy and healing light…which can assist us in connecting our personal Spirit to the infinite love and support of God, Universe, and Higher Self. Through this connection…we’ll naturally awaken the remembrance of our innocence, our strength, and our divine perfection.

All experiences will lead us on a transformational journey into SelfLOVE ~ SelfACCEPTANCE ~ and SelfKNOWING!!


Meet Your Guides:

Patricia McGivern
Certified Hypnotist | Speaker | Author

Patricia is a highly respected hypnotist specializing in past life regression since 1998. Through private sessions, group regressions, and personal appearances…she has assisted thousands of individuals to discover their deeper self.   In her new book Soul Explorer: Healing through Past Life Regression, now available on Amazon, she shares over 30 client regression experiences of healing and insight.   She is also author of Angel Babies: Messages from Miscarried and Other Lost Babies. 

Patti is a gentle spirit who will guide you to your deeper self through past life regression where you can discover your innermost ancient truth about who you really are.   Past life regression enlightens you as to your soul’s history and in that knowing you can bring forward the wisdom and heal old wounds.    She trained with world-renowned Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Masters, Many Lives and is certified with the International Board of Regression Research Therapies.

She also embodies the heart of a true Soul Explorer…as she has been guided to passionately visit many sacred sites around the globe over these last 4 years.     Sedona has made a special impact on her spirit…and is now calling her to guide others into a deep self-immersion through guided regression and soul exploration.    She looks forward to opening doors of profound self-awareness with YOU.

Alania Starhawk
Divine Channel | Spiritual Mentor | Lightworker

Alania’s beautiful gift of sight and knowing can assist you in connecting to your own guides, guardians, higher self, and ancient truth. Through inspirational messages and channelings, lightbody activations, and cellular downloads…she brings support to your earth journey and your own soul’s expansion.  She effortlessly radiates the Light and Truth that powerfully awakens the “I AM” in you.

And now she’s passionate about guiding bright souls on deep and transformational journeys to discover and embrace the LIGHT of their blissfully-perfect divineSelf!!!

The red rocks of Sedona have been calling to her in visions since 2010.  They speak to her and show her that lifetimes of trauma and disconnect can be healed by stepping into the purity of this land with an open and receptive heart. Lightcodes intended to support humanity through this time of awakening are flowing abundantly through the earth, the water, and the spirit of Sedona. And as we honor and align with these Lightcodes energetically…we awaken the memory of all we are and have been!!

Alania’s life has been uplifted and transformed through her journeywork in Sedona. She has been reConnected to her ancient and masterful SOUL…and has watched this gift of awakening and reMembrance touch every other aspect of her life. She feels eternally blessed to call Sedona ‘home’ within her heart-space…and feels condident that this retreat can also assist you to intimately reMember and reConnect at deep levels of BEing. It’s time to recognize the INFINITE within ourSelves.

Our Heart’s Intention:

May each soul be at Peace within the beauty that they are.   May they open gracefully to the expanding Essence that they are…embracing their own immutable and precious Divinity.

Seeing themselves through the eyes of Love…may they joyfully celebrate their authentic Spirit and Truth!!    And in acceptance of their own precious Light…may they effortlessly move forward through Life…creating a world of Peace, Love, Joy, and Prosperity for themselves in all ways.

For we ask that this Journey Into Self…becomes the gateway into true self-empowerment and ever-flowing soul expansion!!!

Watch this video….

Retreat Details:

Dates:   Wednesday, September 27th through Sunday, October 1st

Limited Space:  So that we may create an intimate environment for your soul to journey in, we are limiting this sacred experience to only 12 participants. This will also ensure that you feel connected to and honored by your guides. We are here to honor YOU.

Cost:    We ask for a sacred energy exchange of $1,555 to honor all that is generously offered upon this retreat. To secure your space, a non-refundable deposit of $333 is due upon registration. Partial payments can then be made at your own convenience. We ask that full payment be made by August 1st, 2017. Additional information regarding all terms and conditions can be found here.

Location:   All experiences will take place within the mystical gates and portals of Sedona, AZ. Most journeys and ceremonies will be taking place in nature…allowing Ancient Guardians and Earth energies to support us fully!!

Lodging:   Your retreat includes your lodging for 4 nights in a Double Queen room!!   You will be sharing a room with one other beautiful soul…but you may stretch out in the comfort of your own queen bed.    If private lodging is important to you….please tell us as soon as possible…so that we can make efforts to honor this (for an additional fee). More information about our beautiful hotel will follow shortly.

Transportation:   As a beautiful convenience…we will be greeting you at Phoenix Airport on the morning of September 27th!! We will have cars ready to transport you to our sacred destination in Sedona…which is a 2 hour drive from Phoenix. We will continue to transport you to all group activities throughout our stay together. If you prefer to drive yourself or are coming from an alternate location…please notify us. This will enable us to plan accordingly.

Our retreat will officially end around 2pm on Sunday, October 1st. At this time, we’ll be transporting everyone back to Phoenix. We suggest that you plan on staying at a comfy hotel in Phoenix on Sunday night, and flying out on Monday morning. This worked fabulously for all participants last year. We can book affordable rooms for you (about $125 for double occupancy) as we get closer. This way, the group will stay together. But all will be responsible for their own payment to the hotel. This is a voluntary suggestion. Please honor that which aligns with you.  If it’s important to return to Phoenix earlier in the morning, we encourage you to consult an airport shuttle service. More info will be shared once you’ve registered.

Airfare: You are responsible for your own airfare or transportation to Phoenix Airport (or Sedona,  AZ).

Meals:  All breakfasts are included. You are responsible for all other meals, unless otherwise mentioned. We make great efforts to choose restaurants or meal options that are healthy, clean, inspiring, and affordable. All will also have an opportunity to shop at Safeway and/or WholeFoods to purchase any snacks, energy bars, salads or evening munchies that you may require.


Your Journey Into Self Retreat Also Includes:

  • Two inspirational teleconferences prior to leaving for Sedona ~ these will assist in preparing our minds and our spirits for the journey we shall undertake
  • Recordings of all teleconferences
  • Recordings of all channeled messages that flow (and are recorded)
  • Past-Life and Soul Regressions with Patricia McGivern ~ in a group setting
  • Sacred Teachings and Channelings ~ all flowing naturally through Alania Starhawk each day
  • Ceremonies, Lightbody Activations, and Attunements ~ all designed to awaken the Divine Light and Frequency within your BEing
  • Journeys to major vortices ~ including Buddha Beach, Cathedral Rock, Boynton Canyon, Dry Creek Canyon, and Bell Rock
  • Sacred Circles for Sharing and Inspiration
  • Sunset at Airport Mesa Vortex and Overlook
  • Visit to the incredibly beautiful and sacred Amithaba Stupa
  • Opportunities for Deep Self-Reflection and Realization
  • Interactions with Nature and Hiking Trails that can be as gentle or intense as you’d like ~ flexibility is woven into our journey
  • A healthy breakfast each morning
  • Ever-flowing Joy, Love, and Brotherhood/Sisterhood
  • Authentic support and admiration for the Light that you are
  • Soul Expansion ~ it’s an inherent aspect of this journey

We are so incredibly excited to embark upon another fabulous year of adventure with YOU!! Our intentions are to keep this experience intimate and personal for every participant.   With TWO fabulous guides…your days will be power-packed and memorable!!

More details and information will flow to all who are interested in journeying with us.  We are ecstatic to receive a great response to this retreat.   When you are sure that you’ll be joining us….please secure your space with a sacred deposit of $333. Secure PayPal payment buttons can be found directly below.

Many BLESSINGS to each of you!!!! Thank YOU for inspiring me in greater ways each day, month, and year!!!!!

~ Alania


Any of the 3 following boxes will take you to a respective PayPal payment cart. You choose if you’d like to pay a deposit of $333, a one-time full payment of $1555, or a payment of your own design and choosing. We encourage you to review all terms and conditions for your Sedona experience before registering. You can find them here.

Let’s do it!!!! May the journey begin. ♥




Here’s what some of our past Sedona Sisters have said…

“An AMAZING and INSPIRING adventure with two Enlightening Souls. Transforming. A trip of a lifetime. You do not want to pass this one up.”  ~Kim

“This is TRULY an Amazing journey with two Fabulous women leading it! Absolutely not to be missed! The transformations I experienced changed my life!”  ~ Rachael

“I want to soulfully thank Alania Starhawk and Patricia McGivern for brainstorming, planning, and facilitating this aWesOMe and transformative, yes, life-giving retreat!! We absolutely packed a lot into 5 days!! I’ve never done so much on a vacation before.”  ~ Sheila

“I had a felt a pull, a calling to travel to Sedona for almost two years, but every time an opportunity arose spirit said it wasn’t my time. When I saw that Alania and Patricia were hosting a trip out there, I felt a deep magnetic pull in my chest and tears began to roll down my cheeks…my time had come. I actually had no idea why I had been called to travel to Sedona or what meaning it would have on my life. On our very first evening we traveled to Airport Mesa and as I stood by myself on a ridge over looking a valley the tears began to flow. I realized I had stood here before, lived here, loved here, died here. I was coming home to revisit and reclaim a part of myself. With Patty’s guidance in past life regression, I was able to tap into my past life experiences that I had there in Arizona, that pertained and were connected to experiences and lessons I was having in this lifetime. It provided me with a new sense of clarity in my life and for that I am forever grateful. My Sedona sisters and I held one another in the highest light and were able to hold a secure sacred space of love that allowed us each to explore our individual journeys with a deep sense of protection. A sister-ship was initiated and I fell in love with every soul there and consider these women as part of my inner guidance and inner sanctum, I take their love with me wherever I go. In my daily life it provides me strength to know I am held and loved by these women,(most of whom I didn’t know when we started out on our journey). Sisters,have I told you lately that I love you…❤️”  ~Lynda Destiny