Gainesville Women’s Retreat

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Awaken the Spirit of the Goddess within!

You are the Embodiment of sacred divine wisdom and Light. You are the Heart of compassion, truth, and joy. You are the Gateway to healing, acceptance, and peace upon this earth. 

Can you feel this truth rising to be known?

We, as heart-centered empathic women, have generously given so much of ourselves to the uplifting of others. This is our nature - to see the potential in every beautiful soul with clear sight and intuitive knowing. But never do we have to place the benefit and comfort of that beautiful soul before our own.

It's time to rise. 

We are the SACRED VISIONARIES with clear sight and divine knowing. We are the ones planting the seeds for a new earth paradigm of love and harmony. 

We hold the memories of living free, with grace and ease. 

Do not focus upon all that is not feeling supportive and inspirational. Those are the remnants of an old and obsolete programming - one that is being reshaped by brave sisters like you and me.

Together, we'll call to the Mother, the Medicine Woman, the Sage, the Star Goddess, the Wisdom Keeper, and the Passionate Lover of Life, within.

She yearns to rise!! Through the ancient whispers of "you're not good enough" into the empowered knowing of "we are the sacred way".

Will you join us?

This is a gathering of Sisters!! For those who have known each other through the ages. We come together now to remind ourselves that we are not alone.

We are One Heart!!


Our Retreat Intention:

May each heart surrender to the Light that brings compassion, understanding, and acceptance to each perfect moment. May all-encompassing Love touch each precious soul. May we, as a sisterhood, support each other through this gate of sacred reMembrance. Within and throughout, may the Goddess awaken, to guide our way Home, to Self.

The Sacred Flow:

Friday March 27th

11am to 12pm ARRIVAL
Get settled in! We've been waiting for you.

12pm to 1pm BLESSINGS and WELCOME
Look deeply into the eyes of each Sister you meet. This is a casual opportunity to meet each other while noshing on some healthy snacks to nurture our bodies.

Into the sacred heart we journey, opening to all infinite blessings and divine support. We'll be weaving our Light together and setting clear intentions for the entire weekend.

• 5pm DINNER

Allowing Spirit to guide our experience through sharings, teachings, visualizations, and heart activations.

Let your voice be heard!! Music, Song, Dance, Prayer. Free-flowing connection to Source and Self.

• 10pm SILENCE
Honoring the stillness within - until 8am. Make sure to write in your journals - offering gratitude for the blessings and setting intentions for the next day.

Saturday March 28th

A casual experience. Please remain quiet (not silent) until our morning circle.

Allowing Spirit to guide our experience through sharings, teachings, visualizations, and heart activations.

Step into nature!! Give voice to the rhythm of your sacred and powerful breath. This is a circle of energy flow. Get ready to soar!!

• 12:30pm LUNCH

Allowing Spirit to guide our experience through sharings, teachings, visualizations, and heart activations.

• 5pm DINNER

• 6:30pm KIRTAN
Chanting to the Open Heart!! Celebrate our Sisterhood with devotional chants and mantras from several traditions. Our beautiful Sister, Shana Smith will be leading us through this blissful journey.

A ceremony of devotion, faith, and sacred knowing!! Journey into the center of divine consciousness with us. You must experience it to understand it.

The Ceremony of Light is a largely silent ceremony. We ask you to hold that sacred energy for the rest of the evening. However, if you are guided to sit by the fire and gaze at the stars, please do so. You are welcome to respectfully talk and share stories outside - while still holding the sacred energy. Indoors will be for silent reflection only, until 8am.

Sunday March 29th

Please enjoy your morning meal in silence. Then join us in the Sanctuary when you are done.

Similar to Reiki Share, let us share LOVE and Healing Light. The exact experience will unfold naturally, as everyone has something precious to contribute. Please join us in the Sanctuary when you are ready. All will have an opportunity to give and receive.

Let the love flow!! Anchoring in the energies of all we awakened throughout the weekend. Connecting heart to heart!!

Enjoy this uplifting closing circle, in nature. Hearts beating as one, bodies moving in sacred flow, connecting to the divine presence of all life. We are One!!

It's time to say goodbye in the physical. Give your hugs and go forward to spread your Light!! You are so loved.

Meet Your Guide:

Alania Starhawk

Divine Channel | Spiritual Mentor | Author | Sacred Visionary

Alania’s beautiful gift of sight and knowing can assist you in connecting to your own guides, guardians, higher self, and ancient truth. Through inspirational messages and channelings, lightbody activations, and cellular downloads, she brings support to your earth journey and your own soul’s expansion. She effortlessly radiates the Light and Truth that powerfully awakens the “I AM” in you.

Retreat Details:

Dates: We will gather at The Gainesville Retreat Center by 12pm on Friday, March 27th and conclude our journey together at 12:30pm on Sunday, March 29th. An outline of the weekend's scheduled events are listed above.

Cost: We welcome a sacred energy exchange of $333 if your tuition is paid in full by March 1st, 2020. This generous offering is paid to Alania Starhawk for all that is part of the retreat experience, including meals. Beautiful and affordable lodging is also available at The Gainesville Retreat Center, for an additional fee. More information about lodging can be found below.

We encourage you to enjoy the early registration pricing, which saves you $55 on this sacred experience. The retreat tuition will rise to $388 on March 2nd, 2020.

You may SAVE YOUR SPACE NOW by choosing to pay your tuition in full or by paying a sacred deposit of $111. 

Your payments are non-refundable. But Alania certainly wishes to honor your journey. If canceled within 7 days of retreat, you may apply your previous payments towards any of Alania's future events or services. 


Location:   We are being generously hosted by the beautifully charming Shana Smith and The Gainesville Retreat Center!!! Their expansive ceremonial space simply takes my heart away. We will be able to go quite deep into receptivity while in this space. They are located within 108 acres of wildlife refuge. Nature will actually be your playground!! Please visit their website at to learn more.

Lodging:   The newly built Gainesville Retreat Center has 8 bedrooms available. Four of these bedrooms are private and cost $60/night. Four of these bedrooms are shared and cost $40/night. Additional cabins are available if needed. Priority will be given to those who joyfully register first. Camping and RV hookups are also available. Please ask for more information regarding camping and RV hookups. Your lodging fees will be due upon arrival at GRC - The Gainesville Retreat Center.

Food and Meals: Healthy vegetarian meals will be provided by GRC - and are included in your tuition!!

Please be aware that in the interest of spending the maximum amount of cozy time together, we will only sit down for one full meal on Thursday evening!! Alania will provide healthy fruit and snacks to munch on at midday.

If you have special dietary needs. please let us know.

Transportation: Gainesville is located about 2½ hours north of Tampa Bay. Please allow enough time to arrive by noon on Friday.

Additional Insights: Please let us know that you are interested, if you’d like to remain up-to-date with all new announcements. As we move closer to this journey, Spirit will be inspiring Alania with much more detailed information. We will also create a private Facebook group to assist in feeling connected and inspired before and after our sacred experience.


Hope to see you there!!

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