Spirit Teachings

Merlin ~ The Father of Alchemy

Dear Guides and Guardians ~ Who walks with me now?? Who wishes to share a message of Love?? I sense a wise and masterful guide, with sparkling Light gently bouncing through his being. I hear clearly and beautifully: MERLIN ~ The Father of Alchemy Thank YOU Dear Merlin!! What remembrance do you bring?? To be… Continue reading Merlin ~ The Father of Alchemy

Spirit Teachings

Does The Heart of A Wild Stallion Beat In You???

Pause for a moment, and sense. Is there an unbridled SPIRIT alive in your being?? Is there an aspect of your own precious Light that runs FREEEEEEEE and doesn't know that it's meant to be anything but that which it naturally is?? For a wild stallion does not look around for guidance from another. They… Continue reading Does The Heart of A Wild Stallion Beat In You???

Spirit Teachings

“You Are Light” ~ a loving message from the spirit realms

Dear Spirit ~ With deep faith-full breaths...I call on you!!   Please share a message of Love. You're vulnerability is what makes you so beautiful!! In your deepest sense of loss...we see only the FIRE ~ the spark in you ~ that will always overcome and remind you, in ever greater and grander ways, of… Continue reading “You Are Light” ~ a loving message from the spirit realms

Spirit Teachings

A Mystery Unveiled

Dear Spirit… May I see a mystery unveiled??  YOU ARE A MYSTERY UNVEILED!!   Each time you open your heart, mind, awareness to see greater possibilities, you unveil your greater truth. To say you are 'human' is a gross misuse of vocabulary. You are in a human experience. You see from a human perspective and can… Continue reading A Mystery Unveiled

Spirit Teachings

The Door Is Open!!

Dear Spirit... Can you please share a Message of Love with me?? The door is open!! What is coming to you is beyond that which you can dream of. This love that soars through you now, is only a seed of what will very soon be your very authentic reality. You have opened great doorways… Continue reading The Door Is Open!!

Expanding Consciousness

Love as an Energy Source

My 9-year-old son innocently asked me "Mom, if I see a shooting star, can I wish for super powers??" I encouraged him to begin believing in his super powers right now. He doesn't need a shooting star to make extraordinary things happen. By teaching our children that anything is possible, we open their minds to… Continue reading Love as an Energy Source

Channeled Messages

Keepers of the Eternal Flame

A message of Love and enLightenment - channeled from Divine Source: Brothers and Sisters of the Light, you are. With unique tales to tell and precious gifts to share. Your hearts reach out to unite upon higher planes of consciousness, even now. For each of you hold a noble intent to be a Keeper of… Continue reading Keepers of the Eternal Flame

Spirit Teachings

Forever Blessed

I've been immersed in nature over the last few days. Not the ebb and flow of gulf waters that I usually find myself in, but the force and strength of mountain rock and mineral infused cascading waters. There's a difference. Nature is nature, but each aspect of nature brings a different system of support and… Continue reading Forever Blessed

Channeled Messages

Brother Buddha…and The Wish

Dear Buddha, I sense your Love and presence. Please share a message of Love with me today. I am your brother. There is no separation between myself and you. We are one Heart and one Love. When you cry, I cry. When you celebrate, I radiate your joy. We are an extension of each other… Continue reading Brother Buddha…and The Wish

Channeled Messages

A Wise “Message of Love”

Dear Spirit... Please Share A Message of Love With Me Today. Within and throughout, you are shifting and reworking your life. But, we shall say, it still isn't in the ways you perceive. There is more than can be seen. You are seeking to control your experiences, even when you don't believe yourself to be.… Continue reading A Wise “Message of Love”