Mystical Musings

Our “Tower of Babel”

Each of us has our own idea, interpretation, and understanding of what brings us higher into greatness, grandeur, success, peace, love, joy, and bliss. And each of us is naturally using these ideas, interpretations, and understandings to navigate through life the best we can. In times of chaos and confusion, each of us subliminally translates… Continue reading Our “Tower of Babel”

Expanding Consciousness

Healing Karmic Relationships

Think of all the countless relationships we have (and have had) in our lives. Can you believe that many of them are continuing a pattern of action/reaction from a past interaction with that soul?? It's true. While moving through this ever-spiraling journey called Life, we are often offered the opportunity to balance out some old,… Continue reading Healing Karmic Relationships

Expanding Consciousness


It's undeniable.   I haven't been my uber-uplifting self these last few days (ummm...even weeks).   I've been striving to be...and there were incredible moments where I absolutely embodied bliss and joy.   But...if I'm being honest...I'll admit that I've spent a lot of time withdrawing from the confusion and chaos of 'society'. I definitely… Continue reading Remembrance

Expanding Consciousness

Healing Naturally with the Akashic Field of Light

On an unseen vibration of infinite potential, lies an ever-flowing river of Truth and Knowledge!! This energetic river of encoded Light is often referred to as The Akashic Records. It exists beyond the frequency of space and time, and holds information that can assist us in understanding the great tapestry of Life!!  As all experience… Continue reading Healing Naturally with the Akashic Field of Light