Spirit Teachings

Altering Our Destiny

Shall I share my dream with you?? We were in a hopeless battle of survival. The oppressor, hidden in shadows, seemingly had complete control over us. They commanded fear in every citizen and rooted out those who would oppose them. There are two power players in this dream. One was a strong 30 to 40… Continue reading Altering Our Destiny

Spirit Teachings

The Only Separation Is That Which We Perceive

It's been a long night of dreams, but i felt empowered and aligned with "order" in each of them. There was always a battle to survive. But there was also the wisdom, power and means to put things in order to easily "survive". Time and time again, dream scenario after dream scenario, I put all… Continue reading The Only Separation Is That Which We Perceive

Mystical Musings

A Prayer of LIGHT and LOVE

May we each hold a vision of ONE UNITED LIGHT surrounding ALL who find themselves in need of support. See this Light touching all in need - young and old -  in crowds and alone - the strong and the fearful.  Every bright soul is our BROTHER and SISTER in Light. Let us bring support… Continue reading A Prayer of LIGHT and LOVE