Expanding Consciousness

Love as an Energy Source

My 9-year-old son innocently asked me "Mom, if I see a shooting star, can I wish for super powers??" I encouraged him to begin believing in his super powers right now. He doesn't need a shooting star to make extraordinary things happen. By teaching our children that anything is possible, we open their minds to… Continue reading Love as an Energy Source

Spirit Teachings

Forever Blessed

I've been immersed in nature over the last few days. Not the ebb and flow of gulf waters that I usually find myself in, but the force and strength of mountain rock and mineral infused cascading waters. There's a difference. Nature is nature, but each aspect of nature brings a different system of support and… Continue reading Forever Blessed

Channeled Messages

Sacred Circles of Self

Dear Spirit, Please share a message of Love with me now. There are infinite doorways and dimensions within Self, and within Light. I see a visual of a circle within a circle within a circle, and so on. As we become comfortable and at home within one, we naturally open the doorway to the next,… Continue reading Sacred Circles of Self

Channeled Messages

“Conversations” with Lord Ganesha

Me)  Dear Ganesha, I sense your presence. In truth, I ask for inspiration, for myself and others.  Lord Ganesha) Oh, you beautiful soul. You are so close to walking through the final veil of separation. This expansion of consciousness does not bring physical change to where you are or what you see. It simply allows… Continue reading “Conversations” with Lord Ganesha

Affirmations and Invocations

“I AM” Affirmation

On this radiant morning, filled with potential and possibility, I claim my personal POWER and affirm my greatest Truth. Simply said: I Am ALL Things. I Create ~ I Heal ~ I Love ~ I Bless ~ I Believe ~ I Shift ~ I Dance ~ to the Magical Sound of LIFE Itself. I AM… Continue reading “I AM” Affirmation

Spirit Teachings

The Only Separation Is That Which We Perceive

It's been a long night of dreams, but i felt empowered and aligned with "order" in each of them. There was always a battle to survive. But there was also the wisdom, power and means to put things in order to easily "survive". Time and time again, dream scenario after dream scenario, I put all… Continue reading The Only Separation Is That Which We Perceive

Channeled Messages

Brother Buddha…and The Wish

Dear Buddha, I sense your Love and presence. Please share a message of Love with me today. I am your brother. There is no separation between myself and you. We are one Heart and one Love. When you cry, I cry. When you celebrate, I radiate your joy. We are an extension of each other… Continue reading Brother Buddha…and The Wish

Channeled Messages

A Wise “Message of Love”

Dear Spirit... Please Share A Message of Love With Me Today. Within and throughout, you are shifting and reworking your life. But, we shall say, it still isn't in the ways you perceive. There is more than can be seen. You are seeking to control your experiences, even when you don't believe yourself to be.… Continue reading A Wise “Message of Love”

Spirit Teachings

To Know Love

This beautiful message was brought to me in meditation, and it's message is too important for me to keep to myself. I am sharing it as I received it from Spirit. The journey of self-preservation is nearing its end. It is no longer useful to remain separate from brothers and sisters of similar paths. You… Continue reading To Know Love