Expanding Consciousness

Clearing the Towers of Old

We all build Towers of our own making, in our intimate mind-space. We all envision certain aspects and elements of our life as BEing the solid and formidable bricks that support a great big tower of expectation and circumstance. Does this make sense, in its poetic form?? If not, let me explain. I just awoke… Continue reading Clearing the Towers of Old

Mystical Musings

Life “In Waiting”?!

Do you find yourSelf in a moment of pause??   Are you on hold as you wait for some special aspect of your life to fall into place?? One short night ago, I received strong intuitive messages regarding something important in my life.  And then I spent a long day "in wait" yesterday...as I watched… Continue reading Life “In Waiting”?!

Mystical Musings

Reflections of Our Shifting Identity

How often do we sit in stillness......to lovingly reflect upon our ever-evolving and shifting identities?? As we move through life.....we naturally resist energies that do not align with our personal and passionate spirit.   This is always true.   And.....if we don't pause long enough to recognize that we no longer are who we were… Continue reading Reflections of Our Shifting Identity