Channeled Messages

A Wise “Message of Love”

Dear Spirit... Please Share A Message of Love With Me Today. Within and throughout, you are shifting and reworking your life. But, we shall say, it still isn't in the ways you perceive. There is more than can be seen. You are seeking to control your experiences, even when you don't believe yourself to be.… Continue reading A Wise “Message of Love”

Mystical Musings

“I Am Love”

My words today scream:  "I Am Love ~ I Am Love ~ I Am Love" This is how the experience began. To clear and release some older blocked energy and belief, I chanted these words with passion and fire. Continuously repeating:  "I Am Love ~ I Am Love ~ I Am Love" But all began… Continue reading “I Am Love”

Spirit Teachings

To Know Love

This beautiful message was brought to me in meditation, and it's message is too important for me to keep to myself. I am sharing it as I received it from Spirit. The journey of self-preservation is nearing its end. It is no longer useful to remain separate from brothers and sisters of similar paths. You… Continue reading To Know Love