“Thank You, Alania!! I consider you a tremendously gifted teacher and am so glad to have met you.  The few encounters we’ve had have opened me to all that my soul was searching for.  You are a blessing!!  Keep sharing your gifts.”
~Michelle J.


“Thank you so very much for meeting with me yesterday.  When we parted and I looked into your eyes.  It was as if I could see Heaven!!  They shone with such beautiful love and brightness!!”
~ Laura B.


“Alania, you are an angel!!   My angel!!   Thanks to you I understand Love.   Your messages have helped me grow on all levels.   I love you and I thank the universe for you being part of my life.”

~ Alexandra M.

“Alania, you are a gifted channel…and very accurate!!”

~ Carolyn J.


“Alania, thank you for being a beautiful vessel for the spirits.   You are an angel on earth for all those who need you.”

~ Janet K.

“You have given me the most amazing gift of love and forgiveness!!   And still…the story continues.    If you only knew how your gift has healed so many.   Thank you Alania…for getting me through a difficult time.”

~ Rony M.


“I’ve had several readings with Alania, and I’m always amazed at the accuracy of her insight and the guidance she’s given.    Without prior knowledge of my experience, she’s identified powerful relationships in my life, past traumas and predicted events that did in fact occur.   She has also affirmed my own intuition, leading me on a more fulfilling and purposeful path.    Alania is a gifted conduit, a compassionate and humble soul, and is as authentic and trustworthy as they come!!”

~ Heather Q


“You entered into my life when I needed your beautiful light and love the most.    You have reopened a closed door in my soul and shared with me those things that only you can…in the ways that only you can.    Love you dearly!!”

~ Kathy F.

“The time spent with you was so beautiful, heartwarming, and validating!!   I can’t thank you enough for sharing your gift.   You are a beautiful and inspirational soul.   Thank you for putting me at ease.   I feel like I’ve been given permission to like myself and be free!!   Thank You!!”

~ Debbie

“Alania offers so much insight during her readings…along with a loving energy which radiates healing deep into the soul.    She is a gifted and “right on time” healer for the Quantum Shift that humanity is going through.    Are you looking for direction, inspiration, and focus?   Alania can offer you all of that and more!!”

~  MaryLou Houllis
New Beginning Oneness Center


“Alania can provide clarity where there was confusion.   She brings through wisdom from Spirit…conveyed genuinely and compassionately.   Call her and get the answers to help YOU feel in balance and at peace!!”

~ Diane W.


“Just can’t say enough wonderful things about Alania!!   If you are looking for a gentle, inspiring experience of pure love and light, guidance and clarity…she IS amazing!!”

~ Tina F.


“Alania is a truly gifted being of light and love!!   Her readings are her own inspiration united with that of Spirit…creating an accurate accounting of our existence as “ONE with ALL”.    She reaches deep into the Soul…and reminds us that we are the portals of Heaven on Earth.”

~ Becky W.


“Alania is the first and only person I have ever met that actually is surrounded by golden light.    She came into my life when I was very confused about how to honor spirit and how to ask spirit for guidance.    After a few readings and attending some of her classes, I am more focused and intent on just growing without limitation!!   Alania has truly changed my life forever.”

~ Brenda L.


“She touched my HEART when I really needed to hear a special message.   We have met only briefly but she has left a mark in my world.”

~ Sue H.


“Alania is able to read at the soul level, revealing the beauty that every soul is.    I am uplifted each and every time we connect.    She is always a pleasure to speak with…and most importantly …laugh with!!”

~ Sabrina D.


“Alania has been a powerful influence for me…during a great transitional time in my life.   She naturally helps you to discover your own radiant authenticity.   I am blessed beyond words to have such an amazing, gifted woman as Alania in my life.”

~ Laura P.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen S Wagner says:

    Gifted, Connected and Authentic.

    1. Thank YOU beautiful Goddess!!! I love you!! ♥

  2. Kathy B. says:

    What a warm loving welcoming lady Alania is. I felt love from the moment I met you. Sharing your space so others can grow. My heart is always lifted when you are near. Always postive and cheerful and loving.

    1. You are such an inspiration Kathy!! Thank you for your kind words…and your generous support!! I love you!!

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