1/11 Attunement to Divine Frequency

A Free Webinar

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Join Alania Starhawk for this Sacred Attunement to Divine Frequency. We're celebrating the 1/11 Portal of NEW BIRTH and INFINITE POTENTIAL!! 


This sacred event serves as an energetic gateway for cellular downloads and lightbody activations to take place. Alania will be channeling directly from the highest planes of Divine Light, with support from the ancient elders, teachers, and masters that wish to join us. We encourage you to create sacred space for yourself before sitting down to participate. You will be accessing greater states of awareness and will trust the experience more fully if you are comfortable in your environment.

Saturday January 11th @11am EST


This is a Live Stream event

This is a free webinar. Please feel free to spread the word and invite those who might be blessed by this experience. 

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Important to Know:

Once registered, Alania will send you the exact location.

• We begin at 10am! 

• This will be a sacred experience. If you do arrive a bit late, find a comfy place to sit and join us quietly. 

•  Please save Alania's phone number in your phone! She will be asking for yours as well. This is to make sure we can reach each other easily. Text is best!

All events in nature are a bit unpredictable. We're hoping for a beautifully cool day, but please be open to any changes that might be necessary. 


Meet Your Guide:

Alania Starhawk

Divine Channel | Spiritual Mentor | Author | Sacred Visionary

Alania’s beautiful gift of sight and knowing can assist you in connecting to your own guides, guardians, higher self, and ancient truth. Through inspirational messages and channelings, lightbody activations, and cellular downloads, she brings support to your earth journey and your own soul’s expansion. She effortlessly radiates the Light and Truth that powerfully awakens the “I AM” in you.