Meet Alania

I BELIEVEin the miraculous, the wondrous, and the extraordinary.

I TRUSTmy own sacred heart to guide the way.

I ALLOWall divine source to support me with ease and grace.

I ACCEPTall infinite expressions of love and truth into my awareness.

These are the foundations of Truth I have learned to accept for myself – after years of questioning who I am, what I am capable of, and what this precious life is for.

We have all spiraled through varying degrees of self-acceptance and empowerment in our life. Sometimes we believe in ourselves and sometimes we doubt – but the doubts are only learned patterns of limited perception. They are not productive or inspirational. They only undermine our soul’s greatest potential.

In my life’s most challenging moments, almost 20 years ago, I questioned everything. My heart was in pain and I wanted to understand why. If I had always worked hard, loved fiercely, and trusted boldly, why was I still left with a deep sense of insecurity and loneliness in that exact moment??

I didn’t have the answers, but my soul continued to call out for higher truth. In response to my ever-flowing prayers, I received very clear responses from God, Source, and the infinite All. Powerful dreams, visions, and miracles began to appear almost daily.

My gift of divine sight had been awakened – and I was trusting it.

Every innocent question and curiosity opened to new heights of expanded awareness, guiding me deeper into profound chasms of self-discovery.

Before these sacred teachings appeared, I had felt confined, stuck, and disempowered in a world that felt so overwhelming. But every enlightened insight, that now flowed directly from Source, served to shatter those imprisoning beliefs.

Ultimately, we are all FREE to design our own experience and create our own reality. It doesn’t have to be challenging. It can be easy – when we break down our own limited beliefs and embrace our own empowered nature.

We are intimately connected to all Life and Source. We hold the power to heal all imbalance, insecurity, and discord – so that we may joyfully RISE into our truest Divine Self.

This knowledge is exactly what I am most passionate about sharing with you now.

We are all here to remember “who we are” – without censor.

As a divine channel, I am here to connect you to your own sacred voice, your infinite potential, and your enlightened truth.

By connecting to the highest realms of Light, I channel through sacred visions, insights, lightbody activations, and cellular downloads – all of which are focused upon awakening your soul in powerful ways.

Scheduling a private session can assist you in breaking through any insecurities that may exist so that you may powerfully rise into your most authentic state of being – Our custom-designed mentorship program supports all who yearn for a deepening of their own intuitive knowing, creative potential, and enlightened truth – and Our sacred retreats provide space for every soul to touch the infinite, within and throughout. 

By redirecting our awareness to all that uplifts and supports, we essentially disempower all that holds us back from living an empowered life.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

As I delve deeper into the mystery of Me, I see deeper into the mystery of You.

We are one.

Namaste ♥