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I BELIEVE - in the miraculous, the wondrous, and the extraordinary.

I TRUSTmy own sacred heart to guide the way.

I ALLOWall divine source to support me with ease and grace.

I ACCEPTall infinite expressions of love and truth into my awareness.

These are the foundations of truth I have learned to accept for myself, through years of self-reflection and divine communication.

In my own life's most challenging moments, 20 years ago , I questioned everything. My heart was in pain and I wanted to understand why. If I had always worked hard, loved fiercely, and trusted boldly, why was I still left with a deep sense of insecurity and loneliness in that exact moment?

I didn't have the answers, but my soul called out for higher truth. In response to my constant prayers, I received very clear responses from God, Source, and the infinite All.

Powerful dreams, visions, and miracles began to appear daily.

My gift of divine sight had been awakened, and I was trusting it.

Every innocent question and curiosity opened me to new heights of expanded awareness, guiding me deeper into profound chasms of unimagined self-discovery.

Before these sacred teachings appeared, I felt confined, stuck, and disempowered in a world that appeared to be overwhelming and chaotic. But every enlightened insight that now flowed directly from Source served to shatter those limiting and imprisoning beliefs.

I finally understood that we are all free to design our own experience and create our own reality—and it doesn't have to be challenging. It can be easy! Especially when we first learn to trust our own empowered nature.

This is the knowledge and awareness that I am most passionate about sharing with you now.

As a divine channel, I am here to connect you to your own sacred voice, infinite potential, and enlightened truth.

It's time to remember who we truly are.

Will you join me?

~ Alania Starhawk


Alania Starhawk is a divine channel, author, sacred visionary, and spiritual mentor. Her gifts of clear sight and intuitive knowing allow her to connect to the infinite realms of truth and light that exist within all forms of creation. She brings valuable insights and awareness to our own greatest potential and power, while also inspiring us to move beyond all forms of limited identity and insecurity.

Alania introduces us to a world of infinite possibility by powerfully sharing the sacred teachings that speak to our soul. These enlightened teachings, which support humanity’s evolution and awakening, come from the many beings of Light that communicate directly to Alania.

Alania has been professionally facilitating private mentoring sessions and inspired group experiences since 2008. Her passion is in supporting all who are ready for their own “soul expansion.” She gracefully does this by connecting our hearts to universal consciousness. She reminds us that we are our own empowered and sacred source.

Alania is especially adept at clearing all limited programming, healing karmic relationships, and accessing archetypal memories in the akashic field of light. She works with sacred masters and guardians to access only that which is ready for compassionate healing and energetic activation. She brings harmony and wholeness to all infinite aspects of our sacred and divine Self.

Learn more about Alania's Soul Empowerment Sessions here.

Be sure to also check out her newly released book on Amazon! Divine Self: Awakening to Sacred Remembrance


"Your love and kindness have been instrumental in helping me learn how to move forward. I will always love you for your unconditional support, Alania. You are a rare gem and I so appreciate you."

"Alania, something truly great took place in our session. I feel so light. There are so many possibilities and dreams to manifest for the coming months. I'm feeling hopeful and alive! Thank you."

"Thank you, Alania, for being the portal to share such incredibly beautiful and powerful energy, words, and information. I can't even put my appreciation into words."

"Thank you, sweet Alania! I feel fantastic after our session. I feel so empowered and at peace with the healing light and loving downloads that you shared with me." 

"Thank you, Alania! You clarified so much and I know that something truly cleared. I am in such a beautiful space now! Thank you for sharing your time and wisdom. You are remarkable." 

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