Expanding Consciousness

Today Is My Day…

Today is my day to live as I choose!!

It sounds simple, but it hasn’t always been. This is the particular day that threw my whole world into a tailspin many years ago.

And although I found powerful ways to focus upon the healing, the growth, and the potential that this day holds, it has always been a reminder of the “death and loss” that took place so long ago.

Without any intentions to do so, I continue to view this calendar day as a doorway between what was and what is. But that view, as innocent and brave as it is, will always keep me attached to the perceptions of “death and loss” that I once knew.

In truth, that life-changing experience led me to a profound path of empowered self-awareness. It opened phenomenal gates of soul expansion that I would have never explored, without it’s pivotal provocation.

That moment of trauma and challenge may very well be the most extraordinary gift of my life – if I can accept that it no longer holds me back from living a full life today.

It’s not that past moment that holds me back in this current moment. It only remains as a memory that I hold onto – shaped by the many perceptions I’ve adopted and accepted over the years.

What would happen if I reshaped the memory now? Not to change the experience itself – but how I look at the experience.

If I can trust that every past moment carries us forward to the next, with power and purpose, then I can trust the perfection of that experience and let go of believing that it should have been any other way.

There is nothing to fix and nothing to change.

Spirit has been helping me to accept the concept of “death” in the cycle of Life. Allowing one element of Life to reach a natural state of fullness and completion – so that new elements of Life can be birthed – is a SACRED path to walk.

It brings liberation.

And this is why I celebrate the fact that “Today is my day to live as I choose!!”

The past is complete. There is nothing to look back upon – because all of it brought me here. I don’t have to commemorate the past trauma in order to celebrate today’s blessings.

It’s perfectly appropriate to remain focused on all that currently fills my life in this precious new moment.

And with this awareness, the sad stories, that I’ve carried for far too long, now have permission to fall away. They served to lead me forward only. Now, their journey is complete.

Today is a new day!! It’s mine to live as I choose.


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