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My Redwood Initiation

I’ve been enamored with the thought of “Redwoods” since I was a child. But how can any of us really appreciate their majestic beauty until we stand before them?

My opportunity came, just a few weeks ago.

Like every other visitor to their mystical domain, my head was perpetually angled up, in awe of their size. But the moment I connected to one, energetically, I understood that their grand appearance is still an understatement compared to the enormity of heart and light they each represent.

I was overwhelmed by their love, as they clearly shared this first message with us:

We are one collective voice. We are one collective heartbeat. Not even the smallest of saplings is separate from our united energy. This is how we thrive. This is how we stand tall and remain through the ages. But, please know that we do so for the benefit of all mankind!!

Humanity has learned to live independently from each other. But this is not your natural state of being. If you were to unite your energies, once again, no soul would feel alone and unloved. No soul would be without resource and abundance, because all actions would benefit the one. This would instantly heal all imbalance across the earth plane.

Let us start here today, by reminding you that we see you and wish to support your journey into healing and divine remembrance. We are family!!

This message spoke to my soul. Here was a manifest remembrance of being connected and one, on the physical planes.

These weren’t just words. I could sense the POWER that flowed through their inter-connected web of Life. And not only were they revealing their intimate connection to each other; they were also revealing their intimate connection to myself and all humanity.

I found myself being silent in their energy, wishing to soak in as much wisdom as they wished to share. This was an opportunity for me to go deep into the memories of my own ancient understanding.

One experience, in particular, shook the foundation of all I know to be true. I’d like to share this one with you now.

There was a great tree, on the main path down to Stout Grove, in Jedediah Smith State Park. I stood before it, and its great naturally hewn hole in its trunk (picture above). I honored its presence and asked for permission to step inside.

Yes!! “Inside” of a tree.

There was actually space for three of us to enter in and stand united, with our beating hearts attuning to the deafening silence that would carry us through the veils, beyond all perception of space and time.

I fell into the dark nothingness that began to spiral throughout my being.

I accepted this profound gift of initiation — where each sacred Redwood, throughout existence, connected to my soul and shattered all perceptions of limitation and disconnection.

In that womb of soul reBirthing, I became the dissolution of all “things”, so that I could become the “everything”.

I felt my reality breaking apart, to the extent that I suddenly feared becoming nothing, actually.

It was in that exact moment that I started to question how much my body could withstand. And that orgasmic state of formlessness, that I was connected to just a few moments before, was now replaced with a desire to HOLD ON to what had appeared to be my foundation of reality in this physical realm.

I roughly jumped back into my earthly body — but I was forever changed.

I have that memory of being authentically CONNECTED to all expansive Life.

Today, I don’t think of what it all means. I only think of how it felt.

I draw that sensation back into my earthly awareness, to the greatest extent that I am able to, trusting that I am growing more and more comfortable in the infinite nature that I authentically am.


This is our truth.

And still, these words barely convey all that I am trying to articulate. So I encourage you to accept these words as an inspiration for your soul to REMEMBER your own ecstatic state of infinite beingness.

This is what we’re all here for.

To simply remember.

Enjoy this video …

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