Mystical Musings

Siva and Shakti Incarnate

“The Goddess in her would not be denied this experience of incarnation: the loving for which they had taken human form.”

~ The Siva Purana

Surely the Goddess in me is calling to the power-filled One who embodies my Breath, my Heart, and my Light in masculine form!! From the same source of timeless existence we’ve come to discover each other, once again, upon the physical realms.

a perfect Siva for my Shakti • now awaits my Siren call • piercing through the veils • of opposition and resistance • to settle into Wholeness • in the Heart of his bright Soul

may these mortal forms Surrender • to the Brilliance that can be • when we choose to reMember • our natural state of Divinity

OmSatChitAnanda ♥

From my Heart to Yours

We Are ONE

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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