Expanding Consciousness

Into the Eyes of My Beloved

I look into the eyes of each soul who approaches. "Are you my Beloved??", I ask silently, with hope in my heart. I am searching for that extra sparkle and shine, which will surely tell me that our souls have been dancing together throughout eternity. I've looked into a lot of eyes. I've found beauty… Continue reading Into the Eyes of My Beloved

Mystical Musings

Siva and Shakti Incarnate

"The Goddess in her would not be denied this experience of incarnation: the loving for which they had taken human form." ~ The Siva Purana Surely the Goddess in me is calling to the power-filled One who embodies my Breath, my Heart, and my Light in masculine form!!     From the same source of… Continue reading Siva and Shakti Incarnate

Mystical Musings

True LOVE Can Never Be Lost

In this ever-changing world that surrounds us...too many of us believe that LOVE can be taken from us in one way or another.    Perhaps it is fate that intervened and shifted our whole world upside down...or perhaps it is time that allowed space to grow between two souls.    It may be that the… Continue reading True LOVE Can Never Be Lost

Mystical Musings

Two Great Loves…

Yes!!   I've had two great, reality-bending Loves in my life!! Both experiences lifted my spirit beyond the physical to spiral in the blissful wonder that LIFE can be!!    And...both experiences gifted me with a colossal MIRROR of SELF to immerse myself in...once they came to an end. And although that Mirror was fogged… Continue reading Two Great Loves…

Mystical Musings

Sacred Love Manifest

My heart spirals in gratitude, joy, and intoxicating light this evening!!   On the eve of a brand new endeavor...I stand here humbled by the love and support that flows to me.   I am...in all ways...fully and truly blessed!! In fact...words seem to be a bit pale and underwhelming compared to the power that… Continue reading Sacred Love Manifest

Mystical Musings

A Soul Recognition

Have you ever had the opportunity to greet a stranger in passing...and feel so much more than a casual "hello".     As if...beyond the appearance, the words, and the surface energies exchanged...there were a greater "knowing" taking place?? This happened to me today.    And i must say that i didn't completely notice til… Continue reading A Soul Recognition