Expanding Consciousness

Compassion for All Sexual Injustice

It's possible for a noble intent to become distorted in the emotions that carry us through. Hear me with an open heart. For it is not my human self that brings this message to us now. Divine Spirit has spoken to me so vividly. Their message: It's time for Healing and it's time for Love!!… Continue reading Compassion for All Sexual Injustice


Loving Purely Isn’t Always Easy

True love holds no expectations and awaits no change. It looks beyond all that appears so chaotic and disappointing, to find the underlying truth and beauty in all things, as they are.  I've practiced this way of loving compassionately, without attachment, for many years. It is what lifted me out of a deep depression 16… Continue reading Loving Purely Isn’t Always Easy

Expanding Consciousness

Into the Eyes of My Beloved

I look into the eyes of each soul who approaches. "Are you my Beloved??", I ask silently, with hope in my heart. I am searching for that extra sparkle and shine, which will surely tell me that our souls have been dancing together throughout eternity. I've looked into a lot of eyes. I've found beauty… Continue reading Into the Eyes of My Beloved

Channeled Messages

Mary Magdalene, Jesus and I

We had spent two nights within the citadel of Carcassone, France. It is a fully intact walled city in the south of France, dating back to the Roman times, but most known for being a Cathar stronghold in 1209. I was not particularly drawn to the city, and was looking forward to leaving directly after… Continue reading Mary Magdalene, Jesus and I

Affirmations and Invocations

“Inauguration” of Peace

Human evolution is moving forward today.  It may not be apparent or clear to our human eyes and ears. But, human evolution is moving forward today. Somehow, in this great big universal totality of BEing, all is in perfect alignment to move us forward into an epic time of change, transformation, and reBirth. Hold onto… Continue reading “Inauguration” of Peace

Expanding Consciousness

Clearing the Towers of Old

We all build Towers of our own making, in our intimate mind-space. We all envision certain aspects and elements of our life as BEing the solid and formidable bricks that support a great big tower of expectation and circumstance. Does this make sense, in its poetic form?? If not, let me explain. I just awoke… Continue reading Clearing the Towers of Old

Mystical Musings

Divine Love

Divine Love is the heartbeat and essence of Life itself!! It includes All in absolute acceptance and grace, and transforms All by its touch and embrace. It's a state of authentic BEing, where we learn to accept ourSelves as whole and complete.    In its Light, we begin to recognize that we already are fully… Continue reading Divine Love

Channeled Messages

Osiris Teaches Us To Heal OurSelves

From a deeply meditative state of BEing... I welcome all inspiration and clarity that would assist me to heal the physical discomfort and pain I feel at times. And so I sense the great Master of Light, Osiris, with me once again. In stillness...I receive. Dear One...You're still looking for the 'cause' of your discomfort… Continue reading Osiris Teaches Us To Heal OurSelves

Mystical Musings

A World Without “Words”

In meditation last night...Spirit encouraged me to envision a world without "words".   I began to see each soul conveying greater truth through eye contact and compassionate touch.   I began to see a world birthing their experience through Love.  Be aware!!   Are we allowing "words" to create distance between us....or are we using… Continue reading A World Without “Words”

Channeled Messages

The Great Spirit of Sadhguru

I walked into the grand and majestic Straz Center to welcome and receive any words of wisdom, truth, and knowledge the beautiful Sadhguru wished to share with all who had appeared.     Stillness came over the crowd....and we all sat bright eyed in anticipation of all that would take place. He spoke of deep… Continue reading The Great Spirit of Sadhguru