Channeled Messages

Mary Magdalene, Jesus and I

We had spent two nights within the citadel of Carcassone, France. It is a fully intact walled city in the south of France, dating back to the Roman times, but most known for being a Cathar stronghold in 1209.

I was not particularly drawn to the city, and was looking forward to leaving directly after checking-out that morning. But when my sweet soulSister, Patti, asked if I’d like to see the Cathedral before leaving, I quickly replied “Yes!!”. So we followed the narrow cobble-stoned streets around the labyrinthed city layout, until we came to the Cathedral square.

I walked through this Cathedral as if I were looking for some golden secret. It wasn’t intentional. It just seemed to be the way. I walked slowly through each shadowed corner, listening for the walls to speak some previously unspoken truth. 

Then, I found it. At some level, my soul had been searching for “this”. A seemingly simple statue of Mary Magdalene.


Within moments of pausing before her, unexpected waves of emotion, tears, sadness, and love all rose to the surface. I was no longer Alania, as I knew myself to be. I was able to see myself as a small aged woman, hunched over from the hardness of life, weathered by the years of labor and effort. I, she, we had walked a great distance to arrive here, before this particular statue.

Timelines were merging and crossing. I felt the same profound blessings of peace, love, healing, and forgiveness that this ancient part of me had felt. I knew that they were no less flowing to the Me that had just entered into this Cathedral a few moments ago. 

Somehow, my soul was connecting to the deep levels of healing and forgiveness I had been searching for. But, I was no longer standing before the “statue” of Mary Magdalene. Her sweet compassionate Light had begun to envelope me, so that she was fully present within my soul’s essence. I had stepped beyond the veils of time and space. The concepts of “here and there” no longer held the same meaning.

My soul simply regarded her as “Mary”, and I could not recall a moment when she and I were not intimately entwined, in divine Truth. I felt as though her Light had been flowing through me, always. Only my reMembrance of it being so, was shadowed.

I had, at some point in time, denied her Light as authentic and true. Which, in turn, had simultaneously denied that pure Light within me, too.

In the twist of fate, that had so many questioning what was real or not real (in ancient days of Christianity), I succumbed to the false truths that were implied and becoming wide-spread. For reasons that are long forgotten, and unimportant, I denied the truth I had known within my own being.

Mary called to me, in this current moment. She called me “here” to awaken my own soul’s reMembrance. And as her words began to flow through, I knew, that this has always been my absolute truth. 

In her words:

Will you tell the Truth, to heal the pains of betrayal and persecution??

God has never left. Jesus has never left. The tale that he died upon the cross was to subconsciously imply that our salvation, our connection, our God is ‘dead’. 

But for those who have eyes to see, they recognize that God, Jesus, You or I are not the ‘body’. We are the Spirit!! Which is unchangeable, immutable and pure.

Through our physical experience, we can identify with the density of a limited reality. But even that is a distraction from the ultimate Truth.

There is no place that God is not!!

There is no place that God/Light/Creation/Source is not.

No place. No moment. No thought. No experience.

God is ever-present and ever-resourceful, but our alignment with the shadowed forms of apparent power and control can create a personal experience of lack, separation, and loss.

There is no  pain when you are one with Source. There is no fear. There is no ailment.

Jesus did not ‘heal’ those who were sick. He reminded them of what Love is, and they then shifted their awareness to BE at home in God’s Infinite Light.

When we speak of God, we speak of Universal Light Source in totality and union. The “I” in I Am. The innate knowing that there is no place that God is not.

God is within!!

God is within!!

God is within!!

God is You. You are God. You are Life. Life is You.

Bolts of energy coursed through my body as I received these messages. The teaching was so much greater than a few words can convey, and yet, these few words would easily speak to every bright Soul with eyes to see and ears to hear.

My mind is running wild with everything I want to say to you right now. But I’ll sum it up by pointing out, that LOVE is the way through every challenge that can be.

Love is the secret we have been searching for.


But how do we embrace Love as our individual journey, if we still believe in pain, betrayal, persecution, shame, and blame??

Love is already our inheritance. 

Currently, every Christian who believes that Jesus was persecuted and crucified, believes in a world filled with injustice, pain, betrayal, and death.

These fundamental beliefs are in direct opposition to Jesus’s message. Even these lies were designed to distract us from the Truth.

Jesus is LOVE embodied.

How can we believe that he is governed by or subject to any of the physical limitations that a “body” experiences?? He is not the body. He is Spirit incarnate.

He came to remind us that we have the ability to rise above the physical limitations too. He saw each soul as pure, and worthy of BEing whole, healthy, and prosperous in every regard.

So why do we all identify with his “suffering”??

Why would we believe that he could not “rise above” any perception of pain and persecution??

This is the LIE that keeps us bound to a world of duality.

This is the LIE which separates us from all of the miracles he performed.

This is the LIE that empowers the dark forces of this world.

In truth…


This is the truth that Mary Magdalene asks me to tell.

I have greater insights, ones that have been flowing to me for many years. But for today, I shall leave it this way. Let your own sacred knowing begin to awaken within.

Jesus is with us always!!

Never has he known “pain”.

He is love embodied, in all ways.

© Alania Starhawk 2017

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  1. Thank You for All the reminders,of who we are,and All I am . I am privileged and grateful to have You in my life. You are Blessed.

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