Loving the “Pot Stirrers”

How does the denser matter of mind, emotion, and understanding ever come up for reinterpretation and re-evaluation without the blessed “Pot Stirrers” of the world??

When we meet one, we have a tendency to draw back, in efforts to avoid going deep into our own ancient muck and insecurity. But, how freeing it is, once we allow the denser, more resistant aspects of Self to rise, in Love.

It takes strength to feel the old frequencies and to not react as we once did. The sensation of feeling unsafe, disrespected, unseen, or unsupported can be the same. But, we are no longer the same!! Our reaction need not be the same as it once was.

This is why the hypothetical “pot” needs stirring every now and then.

As the old sensations RISE UP for reinterpretation, you can look at them through new eyes of ascended wisdom, truth, and compassion.

You’re no longer who you once were, and no longer need to align with, identify with, and embrace the ANCIENT insecurities.

You are currently FREE……………….and the beautiful “pot stirrers” of this world are bringing us precious opportunities to reMember this truth once again.

How exciting!!

Don’t draw back to hide from the initial discomfort of being emotionally triggered. Stand strong in the Light of knowing.

You are Safe.
You are Beautiful.
You are Love.

You need no validation of these truths outwardly. They are immutable truths that can never be lessened by anything more than illusion and perception.

All outward presentation of discomfort, lack, and negativity is factually IMPERSONAL to you…………….until you make it personal.

Disempower the imposing force!! It holds NO authority over you, in any way.

It is always IMPERSONAL………until you align with it.

Choose LOVE. ♥

Let all other frequencies fade away……………for You.

You are Safe.
You are Beautiful.
You are Love.

© Alania Starhawk 2017

4 thoughts on “Loving the “Pot Stirrers””

  1. Thank you dear Alania!!! Yes!!!! You have freed me from feeling the need to write a certain blog post–and said it so much more eloquently than I would have! Yay!!!! To the pot-stirrers, ya can’t catch me — and if you try, you will not find an audience! I am free!! xoxoxo

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