Loving Purely Isn’t Always Easy

True love holds no expectations and awaits no change. It looks beyond all that appears so chaotic and disappointing, to find the underlying truth and beauty in all things, as they are.  I've practiced this way of loving compassionately, without attachment, for many years. It is what lifted me out of a deep depression 16… Continue reading Loving Purely Isn’t Always Easy


Loving the ‘Pot Stirrers’

How does the denser matter of mind, emotion, and understanding ever come up for reinterpretation and re-evaluation without the blessed 'Pot Stirrers' of the world?? When we meet one, we have a tendency to draw back, in efforts to avoid going deep into our own ancient muck and insecurity. But, how freeing it is, once… Continue reading Loving the ‘Pot Stirrers’

Mystical Musings

Human Journeys…and Separation

I know that "saying good-bye" is a human concept.  It appears superfluous and silly from the higher realms of being.  And is sometimes an important part of our personal journey.  How can I tell myself that I am worthy of only respect and heart-centered kindness...unless I bravely "say good-bye" to those who are able… Continue reading Human Journeys…and Separation


Loving Those In Shadowed Spaces

In this often complicated's important to recognize that many radiant souls have a difficult time trusting the Light that flows through their own spirit!!   Nothing can negate or diminish that true force of Divine Presence...ever.   But each soul has the right to trust their own Light for guidance and direction...or to trust… Continue reading Loving Those In Shadowed Spaces

Mystical Musings

A World Without “Words”

In meditation last night...Spirit encouraged me to envision a world without "words".   I began to see each soul conveying greater truth through eye contact and compassionate touch.   I began to see a world birthing their experience through Love.  Be aware!!   Are we allowing "words" to create distance between us....or are we using… Continue reading A World Without “Words”


Remaining Open and Receptive To All Expressions of Love

As deeply as you wish to Love passionately.....can you also sense that you may be resisting the very Love you pray for?? Today I'm speaking of the sweet and beautiful Love that flows through all potential moments, experiences, and relationships!!   This Love is beyond any single description or definition.    It simply is that… Continue reading Remaining Open and Receptive To All Expressions of Love


Choosing A Path of Grace and Ease

No single Yes or No can be solely responsible for where we find ourselves now!!     Where we are is a reflection of all the choices and decisions we've made along the way.    Each single step has added to the story of our unique and individual journey. If we happen to find ourselves… Continue reading Choosing A Path of Grace and Ease

Channeled Messages

An Authentic Reflection

As I continue to contemplate the ups and downs I witness in myself and in others.........Spirit brings me this message of Awareness on this bright and blissful morn. Dear Spirit....Please remind me in this moment of that which I neglect to see. That you can not SEE the impact you make on those you… Continue reading An Authentic Reflection