Mystical Musings

Human Journeys…and Separation

I know that “saying good-bye” is a human concept. It appears superfluous and silly from the higher realms of being. And yet, it is sometimes an important part of our personal journey. How can I tell myself that I am worthy of only respect and heart-centered kindness, unless I bravely “say good-bye” to those who are able to treat me with anything less.

On our human journeys, we evolve!! All of us. And sometimes that evolution of spirit brings greater fundamental separation between ourselves and those we love.  

To deny that separation only brings greater discomfort and pain.

It’s perfectly acceptable to honor the unique paths that each of us walk. Even if those paths become a bit separate, in the physical. 

It’s beautiful to know that our presence, in each other’s lives, has helped us to grow. We might not have been ready for expansion, if they had not shared in our experience as they had.

Even in moments of “separation”, it’s important to appreciate all that has been shared. 

All negative perceptions are only illusion.

For as long as we had something beautiful to share with each other, we were united. Now, we each walk forward, gracefully welcoming all new opportunities of love and support. 

It’s all beautiful, from the highest planes of divine truth.

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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