Channeled Messages

“Which World Do You Choose??”

A channeled message from the Divine…

Two worlds are simultaneously in motion. One allows you to know the Light of God in every step; And one encourages you to sometimes feel lost and alone.

Without pausing for a moment to consider their varying virtues, we ask you to ponder “Which world do you choose??”

Which do you harmonize with to support your unique journey?? Which do you wish to energize and feed??

With all the emotions that flow through us each day, shifting our perceptions to and fro, it’s easy to align with either in their respective ways. But to be clear, it’s all a great choice.

So, if LOVE is your choice, declare it joyfully to be true.

Don’t rationalize what that means or discern how you will endeavor to brave your way through. Confidently know…


That is enough, my dear.

That is always enough.

A Divinely Channeled Inspiration

© Alania Starhawk 2016

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