Messages of Love

I am a Lightworker, an Angelic Messenger, and a Spirit Medium!!    Or simply said…I receive clear and direct messages from the realms of LOVE existing beyond our commonly recognized field of vision.    In all moments…I can take a deep breath ~ shift my focus ~ and then SEE, SENSE, FEEL, HEAR, and KNOW all that our Angels, Ancestors, and Spirit Guardians wish to share with us.

These “Messages of Love” (as I call them) are always inspiring, uplifting, and related to where we are at right now!!    They bring through the guidance and support that can help to put us back on track…or to clear any challenges or blocks that may appear.    These messages remind us of our great potential…and of the opportunities that surround us.   They also can help us to build a strong and powerful connection with our own personal Spirit Guides and Guardians!!

And…since I know that this experience of DIVINE COMMUNICATION is fairly new to many of you…I’d like to share some of my personal beliefs and experiences with you now…in hopes that it will inspire greater understanding for my spiritual work and the healing opportunities that can be.

Once I recognized that I was blessed with this precious gift of clear sight and knowing…I held a sacred prayer in my heart that stated  “Dear Spirit…Please help me to be your loving voice on this earth!!”

Every private session will begin with a Prayer!!    This prayer elevates my beautiful human spirit to the higher vibrations of Divine Light!!    It welcomes in ONLY energies of Love, Support, Guidance, Truth, Healing, and Light!!    It sets the sacred space for us to genuinely receive in.    And SO…I know that when I receive in that sacred space…all information comes from a pure source.

Throughout the prayer…you’ll FEEL the Love!!     Your spirit will begin to see the BLESSINGS in your life…and the sense of limitation will fade.    It is a natural truth that each brave human soul holds hidden fears or insecurities.    Without sharing your story with me…I’ll say the words that will bring guidance to your inner-most self!!   Self-judgment and insecurity will transmute into recognition of your innocent BEAUTY and LIGHT!! 


If this experience is calling out to you…please honor your heart when the time is perfect and divine!!    The gift of direction, clarity, healing, affirmation, and support is BEYOND that which I can convey.    The PEACE touches you from within…and ignites a passion in your soul to REMEMBER who you are…and all that you wish to create, manifest, and experience on this earth!!

So many of us are SEEKING to connect more with Spirit ~ to meet our personal guides and guardians ~ to recognize the next step on our path ~ or to heal old and limited patterns of belief.   Spirit’s message to each soul is always unique and purposeful.  They illuminate our greatest truths…and shatter all illusion!!   They lovingly shift paths of challenge and struggle to one’s of PROSPERITY!!   Their messages are truly INSPIRING and DIVINE!! 

This form of healing can not interfere with your own spiritual or religious paths of faith!!   I believe that GOD flows through all life…and all I do flows in harmony with this great and beautiful truth!!     Your personal messages will always reflect the faithful space you are in.  I honor your personal path to self-empowerment and LOVE!!

In Joy and Gratitude,


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