Love Is Our Greatest Truth

This beautiful message was brought to me in meditation…and it’s message is too important for me to keep to myself.    I am sharing it as i received it from Spirit.

The Journey Of Self-Preservation Is Nearing Its’ End.   It Is No Longer Useful To Remain Separate From Brothers and Sisters Of Similar Paths.   You Must Open Your Heart To TRUST In New and Gentle Ways…So You May Remember How Wonderful It Is To Truly BE Loved!!!

We Have lost The Meaning Of The “Word” LOVE!!!   So To Re-Discover Its’ Truest Meaning…Follow This Exercise:

With Your Eyes Closed…Begin Deep Breaths…and FOCUS On Something That You Love (Preferably Not A Person).   This Something Can Be Anything….Music, The Beach, A Moonlit Night, Cooking Your Favorite Meal, or Anything Else You Think Of.  Breathe IN That Experience!!  Really Put Yourself There…Don’t Just Feel It For A Moment.   Allow That Love or Joy To FILL You!!!

What Do You Feel??  Don’t Describe The Physical Nature Of The Experience…Just Describe and Focus On What You FEEL!!!   Even Recognize How It Makes Your Body Physically Feel!!

Do You Feel Gratitude?  Joy?  Complete Wholeness…Like Being HOME??  Safe?  All Is Perfect As It Is??

That Is LOVE!!  ♥  The Energy Of LOVE Does Not Seek…It Does Not Question…It Does Not Judge or Feel Incomplete!!  Love Is REAL…It Is TRUTH…It Is PEACE!!!   LOVE Is What Brings Us To Life…and What Powers Each Breath!!  LOVE Is What Brings Healing and LOVE Is What Creates Miracles!!!

Once You Recognize What LOVE Really Is…Then You May Begin Seeing It In People.   LOVE Lifts Us Up!!   Love Allows Our Heart To Expand In Pure Joy AND Simultaneously Find Peace…Knowing All Is Perfect and Beautiful!!  So Today…Stop For Just A Minute To FEEL Love!!   And If It Is, In Its Truest Form, Not Already Part Of Your Life…Invite It Into Your Life!!   Open The Doors Of Possibility…and Tell The Universe “I CHOOSE LOVE!!!”.

You Will See Your Experiences, Relationships and Perspectives TRANSFORM!!!   When LOVE Is Your Truth…Stand Strong…and Watch The Transformation Unfold!!!   You ARE Love!!! ♥


In Fact…I Think My New Mantra Will Be “LOVE IS MY TRUTH!!!   LOVE IS MY TRUTH!!!   LOVE IS MY TRUTH!!!”     May you each be inspired…May you each be truly LOVED!!!

Thank you for allowing me to share!!

In Joy and LIGHT,


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Pamela Falciani says:

    How beautiful! Thank you for sharing! love and truth, Pamela

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Visionkeeper says:

    Thank your spirit for sharing this Alania…Very well said. Time to get out of our heads and begin to feel physically again not think about what it feels like 🙂 Hope you saw my reply I left for you about the award. As I said it was greatly appreciated. Happy weekending and blessings….VK

    1. Alania says:

      You are so beautiful VK!!! And since i thought that i was up-to-date on comment responses…i may have missed it. Sorry!! I’ve been on the computer very little this week. I too…am striving to FEEL the blessings…not just know that they are there!! ♥

  3. Simply beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes… I will go do this now!

    1. Alania says:

      Ahhhhhh…see…you “felt” it!! That’s the power i feel each time Spirit speaks to me too. Enjoy!!! ♥

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