Channeled Messages

Transition and Transformation

Every breath guides us forward into a "new" moment and experience. Every step leads the way forward into "new" understanding, awareness, and possibility. It's the natural order of all things. To spiral forward into evolutionary expansion...effortlessly. It's how we move through all of the seasons and stages of our life. Subtly shifting free from all… Continue reading Transition and Transformation

Expanding Consciousness

I Am the Alpha and Omega

I am healed. And, “I” am the healing that I seek. I say this so clearly at 4am, fully understanding that I AM the alpha and omega. I am the beginning and the end. I already am all that I seek to be. It’s not just a concept in this pure moment of clarity. It’s… Continue reading I Am the Alpha and Omega


The Power of Perception

In order to stand in Personal Power and Awareness......we must recognize that there are Infinite Perspectives and Perceptions to embrace in each moment!! We are never without Free-Will-Choice!! We are never without the Freedom to choose the path that best serves our unique journey!!

Channeled Messages

The Great Spirit of Sadhguru

I walked into the grand and majestic Straz Center to welcome and receive any words of wisdom, truth, and knowledge the beautiful Sadhguru wished to share with all who had appeared.     Stillness came over the crowd....and we all sat bright eyed in anticipation of all that would take place. He spoke of deep… Continue reading The Great Spirit of Sadhguru

Channeled Messages

“Dream Worlds Aren’t So Far From Our Own”

Dream worlds aren't so far from our own.   They just appear to be because they are governed by an entirely separate set of rules and guidelines.    For a dream state you do not question why something is.    You just allow it to be.   You allow yourself to feel openly and completely...without… Continue reading “Dream Worlds Aren’t So Far From Our Own”

Spirit Teachings

A Message of Love from The Crystal Realm

Dear brothers and sisters of The Crystal Realm of Light...speak to me!!   Share your truth!!   Please share a message of LOVE that will support our journey!! You can't yet imagine that which we genuinely bring to each of you!!    We are much more a part of your earth realm than you see… Continue reading A Message of Love from The Crystal Realm

Channeled Messages


To "expect" is to accept a future outcome as manifest!! That's healthy when talking about our own journey...but not so healthy when talking about the journey and choices of another!!   If we "expect" another to honor any of our wishes for only binds them to an irrational and impersonal outcome.  Only we have the… Continue reading Expectations

Channeled Messages

A Channeled Message from Divine Spirit

"You have been wondering how your energy fits in to the world that surrounds you.   We tell you…that your energy creates the world that surrounds you.    No thing outside of yourself defines your experience.    Even a thunderstorm is open to interpretation of its symbolism that day in your life.  All shadowed thoughts have been learned,… Continue reading A Channeled Message from Divine Spirit

Spirit Teachings

Angels of Justice

It's been quite a few years now...since I heard the powerful urging "Call on the Angels of Justice!!" reverberating through my being. The first time was in a moment of challenge and desperation for a dear friend.    She had found herself in a situation that held false blame against her and deep disrespect for… Continue reading Angels of Justice

Channeled Messages

How The Veil of Separation Was Created Upon Planet Earth

Dear Spirit, my heart is pure and ready to receive. Who wishes to communicate with me today?? Who wishes to stand with me and remind me of my greatest truth?? Who wishes?? We all do!! For you to perceive only ONE soul connecting with you now, IS the illusion of 3rd dimensional reality. In truth,… Continue reading How The Veil of Separation Was Created Upon Planet Earth