Sacred Retreats and Events

Ascension Lightcodes @R3

An Attunement to Light This event is now full! We look forward to seeing you at our next empowering event. This is such a sacred time for lightbody upgrades and ascension. The more we attune to higher frequencies of infinite potential, the more they become our reality. You are a radiant being of Light, having… Continue reading Ascension Lightcodes @R3

Channeled Messages

“Love Fully” by Lord Melchizedek

A channeled message: “I watched you breathe yourself into creation, simply because you wished to love fully, in all ways. You did not ask for the ‘easy’ path. You asked to love fully, in all ways. This is still your soul’s greatest purpose and desire. Look through the shadows that appear so imposing. For even… Continue reading “Love Fully” by Lord Melchizedek