Sacred Retreats and Events

Becoming Earthly Divine

Join Alania in Nature Join Alania Starhawk for this fabulous opportunity to connect face-to-face and heart-to-heart! In the loving embrace of Nature, we'll be awakening our divine blueprint.  Alania has been receiving continuous messages about remembering our multi-dimensional natures. By merging our earthly selves with our divine selves (accessing our infinite nature in this physical… Continue reading Becoming Earthly Divine

Expanding Consciousness, Virtual Events

Cellular reCoding via Zoom

A Sacred Online Experience We're celebrating the 12/12 Gateway by upgrading our cellular memories! At deeper levels, we all hold personal memories of being empowered, enlightened, and divine. These timeless memories remind us of our soul truth - and activate those frequencies in this NOW moment. Will you join Alania as she opens channels of lightbody activation… Continue reading Cellular reCoding via Zoom

Sacred Retreats and Events

Ascension Lightcodes @R3

An Attunement to Light This event is now full! We look forward to seeing you at our next empowering event. This is such a sacred time for lightbody upgrades and ascension. The more we attune to higher frequencies of infinite potential, the more they become our reality. You are a radiant being of Light, having… Continue reading Ascension Lightcodes @R3

Virtual Events

Breathe Peace!

A Sacred VIRTUAL Event We've normalized "stress" for too long. It's now time to nurture the serenity and peace we so crave and deserve! Our happiness doesn't just "feel good." It's also our source of personal health and wellness.  It energizes us in the best way. In this special monthly attunement to peace and wellness,… Continue reading Breathe Peace!

Virtual Events

Diamond Lightcodes: A 4-week Program via Zoom

A Sacred ONLINE Program Alania is calling in the highest vibrations of Diamond Light so that we might focus upon awakening our soul's extraordinary passion and purpose! As this light flows into our consciousness, it becomes the energetic lightcodes that activate all creative potential and possibility in our lives.  We often say that Diamond Light… Continue reading Diamond Lightcodes: A 4-week Program via Zoom

Spirit Teachings

“Run Towards Your Dreams!”

These are the sweet words I woke up to. They were being whispered to me, by my divine guardians, as a comfort after the frustrating "dreams" that I was just waking up from. But the full message held a few additional words. The complete message said: "Run towards your dreams, not away from your nightmares."… Continue reading “Run Towards Your Dreams!”

Expanding Consciousness, Virtual Events

10/10 Attunement via Zoom

A Sacred Online Experience After nine months of purposeful soul growth, we now stand at this gateway of SOUL MASTERY-opening ourselves to the exquisite memory of being intimately connected to all empowered existence. Will you celebrate this 10/10 attunement with us? It shall create a foundation for all that will be received over these next three months,… Continue reading 10/10 Attunement via Zoom

Expanding Consciousness

Universal Heart Synchronization

An Attunement to Light This event is now full! We look forward to seeing you at our next empowering event. This is a special opportunity to connect for a sacred IN-PERSON experience! Join Alania Starhawk as she welcomes you with a warm hug (a real one!) and a loving circle of divine attunement. She'll be… Continue reading Universal Heart Synchronization

Virtual Events

Equinox Celebration via Zoom

A Sacred Online Event As the shadows deepen at this sacred time of year, we activate the chambers of Light held within! Join Alania Starhawk for this very special evening of remembrance! In celebration of this Fall Equinox, we welcome guidance and awareness from the highest realms of knowledge and truth. Both the shadows and… Continue reading Equinox Celebration via Zoom

Channeled Messages

Where Does Inspiration Come From?

When I'm inspired, there's a brilliance to everything I think and everything I create. One thought leads to another, until the world is filled with potential and possibility. The concepts of doubt and confusion become inconceivable because inspiration will always bring light to the darkest corners of my mind. But how do we summon this… Continue reading Where Does Inspiration Come From?