Virtual Events

Breathe Peace!

A Sacred VIRTUAL Event We've normalized "stress" for too long. It's now time to nurture the serenity and peace we so crave and deserve! Our happiness doesn't just "feel good." It's also our source of personal health and wellness.  It energizes us in the best way. In this special monthly attunement to peace and wellness,… Continue reading Breathe Peace!

Expanding Consciousness, Virtual Events

10/10 Attunement via Zoom

A Sacred Online Experience After nine months of purposeful soul growth, we now stand at this gateway of SOUL MASTERY-opening ourselves to the exquisite memory of being intimately connected to all empowered existence. Will you celebrate this 10/10 attunement with us? It shall create a foundation for all that will be received over these next three months,… Continue reading 10/10 Attunement via Zoom

Channeled Messages

Deeper, Still??

How can there be "more" to face, within the depths of my Self?? When will I begin to rise?? "This is not who I am", I tell myself. But, maybe that's where I'm wrong. Who am "I" if I am not everything that is authentically a part of me. I move through each door of… Continue reading Deeper, Still??


Decision-Making Skills

We make an infinite number of choices each day without even recognizing it. We do this easily, because with these unconscious choices, we perceive to know what it is "right and wrong". We respond with every bit of logical programming we've ever known. We choose eggs or cereal for breakfast, because we believe that they… Continue reading Decision-Making Skills

Channeled Messages

Hand in Hand with Osiris

It's one of those days. One of those days that feels heavy, overwhelming and daunting before it ever begins. It's still dark as can be outside and I've already washed yesterday's dishes (that I just couldn't face last night), done laundry, sent off a few emails, and cooked my family a healthy breakfast (although I… Continue reading Hand in Hand with Osiris