I Am “Starhawk”

This name was given to me, as a precious gift, by Spirit. It was to remind me of who I am, upon the highest and deepest vibrations of Truth. It speaks volumes to me, and keeps me centered upon my soul's journey. Would you like to understand why?? Here's some backstory to my personal journey… Continue reading I Am “Starhawk”

Channeled Messages

Hand in Hand with Osiris

It's one of those days. One of those days that feels heavy, overwhelming and daunting before it ever begins. It's still dark as can be outside and I've already washed yesterday's dishes (that I just couldn't face last night), done laundry, sent off a few emails, and cooked my family a healthy breakfast (although I… Continue reading Hand in Hand with Osiris

Affirmations and Invocations

“Be The One!!”

you are the ONE... to bring change to light the world to ignite creativity to feed a soul to brave new paths to welcome divine flow to sense deep truth  to embrace it all you are the ONE... to BE the One as only YOU can be ♥ © Alania Starhawk 2015

Channeled Messages

All Universal LIFE Births Itself Through You

Dear Spirit............Thank YOU for your Light, your Support, your Inspiration, and your Love!!     Please share an inspiring message with each of us now. There is a spark aflame tonight.     An ancient spark of Light and of Love.     It holds the Truth of all Life...and the Key to all Mysteries.… Continue reading All Universal LIFE Births Itself Through You

Channeled Messages

“Your Journey Was Not Made In Utero!!”

Can you identify with these words...this truth??     The following message was channeled to me for my personal journey a few years ago....and I'm just now finding these words again.   They are speaking to my soul...and truly reminding me of the EPIC JOURNEY each of us has chosen to be part of!! As… Continue reading “Your Journey Was Not Made In Utero!!”