Channeled Messages

Hand in Hand with Osiris

It’s one of those days.

One of those days that feels heavy, overwhelming and daunting before it ever begins. It’s still dark as can be outside and I’ve already washed yesterday’s dishes (that I just couldn’t face last night), done laundry, sent off a few emails, and cooked my family a healthy breakfast (although I have yet to eat).

These are all things I am privileged to do for those I love. And it’s the same for every other approaching task today. I am honored and blessed to have it all in my life. There is nothing on my list of to-do’s today that I’d like to undo. On an average day, it would all bring me great joy.

And yet for some reason, it all just feels a bit heavier and all-consuming today. Clearly, I’m processing some deeper emotional trauma or patterned belief. It’s a bit irrational, but it’s true.

For a moment, I offered a prayer to see clearly and understand. But that just didn’t feel right. Focusing upon the deeply hidden cause seemed to bind me even tighter into the old paradigm of struggle.

So I breathed more deeply, and felt a LIGHT begin to grow from within. I prayed to reMember my greatest truth, and I welcomed a radiant master to walk with me today. 

Osiris is the one who instantly emerged from the golden Light that formed before me. He reached out to take my hand, and lift me higher into my own soul’s truth.

And I saw our journey begin, walking through all time and space, with the purpose of reMembering that I am more than any single moment could suggest. A peace began to fill my BEing, and I welcomed all that would be lovingly shared.

Dear Osiris, I accept. I allow. I receive. Please support me upon this journey of awakening today. Inspire me to reMember. Inspire me to see.

Dear One, You are a master of time and space. There is nothing that remains unknown to your bright soul. You are the one that others have made pilgrimage to, in paths long gone by. 

That knowing still lies within you now. The reMembrance of BEing all-empowered and connected to infinite Source and ever-flowing Love. 

Remain focused upon these two elements of Life and BEing. For they are not just concepts to attain to. They are both resources for you to draw upon, to feed your awareness and to nurture your soul. 

By directing your awareness towards the Breath of Life and all that it brings, you gracefully disengage from all false perceptions of “life” in every way. 

The illusion will shatter if you no longer energize it with attention and care. It holds no inherent power in any way. It only takes on the shape that you imagine it to be. 

The feeling of being overwhelmed in life is one that is deeply rooted. It initiated itself in the first moment that Man first considered himself as limited, insecure, and incomplete. It has perpetuated through the ages because mankind was in a deep slumber, unable to process the greater truth that authentically is. 

You, as you bravely face these emotional insecurities, are now shattering the alignment for yourSelf AND all mankind. As you allow yourSelf to feel, but no longer resonate, you open the doors for healing to take place. 

As in this moment now. I appear to take your hand, to walk as one through all expanse of space and time. But I authentically take the hand of every bright soul who has been looking for a way through the shadows and doubt. 

Because YOU elevated your own experience today, you lifted the veil of possibility for every other soul who shares this journey with you. 

You see yourSelf as small and insignificant. But you just shook the heavens and reconstructed the path forward, for yourSelf and all who wish to join you. 

You see me as Osiris. But I am a force of universal Light. The identity of Osiris represents particular frequency and truth, serving as a channel of great purpose and power in this world. But to look deeper, I am greater than the identity of Osiris (no matter how grand you suppose his Light to be). And, you are much greater than you imagine yourSelf to be. 

You are the LIGHT within the shadowed realms.

You are the BREATH the breathes all worlds into form.

You are the SPACE between all space and time.

You are that which has yet to be known.

To feel overwhelmed by any aspect of “life” that appears, is to forget the greater truth of who you are. You are the force that creates that “life”, my dear. 

Trust that as we walk hand in hand today, our Light becomes one. The points of separation become less, and you will easily recall the beauty of all you are.

I’m a bit speechless now. But i’m no longer feeling defeated or overwhelmed.  I am recharged, feeling blessed and grateful.

Always remember, I am the voice for this message to reach you directly. If you align, trust that Osiris speaks directly to your bright soul.

We are ONE in all ways.

© Alania Starhawk 2017

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