Channeled Messages

Designing the Soul Challenges

My heart was pure and filled with integrity, as I sought to help a challenged soul free themselves from the fires of conflict and confusion.

In spirit, I set a sacred circle of Light to support the clearing that would take place. I held clear intentions to reach the SOUL behind the mask of trauma, and to guide them Home, to their own highest truth.

I was ready to do the work. To face whatever resistance may present itself. I was going to reach the BRIGHT ESSENCE of Light hiding beneath all the momentary pain.

But before I could even look into that soul’s eyes, I sensed the infinite compassion of Divine Mother presenting herself to me. Her message was simple and clear…

“A soul designs their challenges, so that they may have the privilege of moving themselves beyond their own self-imposed limitations.”

My interference (regardless of how well-intentioned it may be) would redirect their soul’s growth!! 

They designed this moment of challenge to awaken their greatest potential. They are not lost, or drowning in adversity. They are sinking as deep as they may need to, into their perception of victimhood, so that they may ultimately shatter their attachment to that identity.

That’s profound!!

I know this. And yet, I forgot. Again.

Beyond all that appears, they are the designer of their own “challenges”. Their own Higher Self is orchestrating all, giving their human soul opportunity after opportunity to shatter the dream.

Their experience is in perfect alignment. They have all the strength, wisdom, and resources to move themselves through, when they are ready. 

They already are emPowered. Always.

So, I now reflect on what this all means for my journey. What is my soul designing for my growth and evolution?? 

I must admit that this year has welcomed quite a few “challenges” on a soul level. Through it all, I honed my sense of humor, and faced all as magnificently as my soul knew how to face it all. But it’s time to look more deeply at the patterns in play. Clearly, it’s time for me to shatter some old paradigms of thought and perception.

My highest essence of BEing is speaking to me. She’s got something to say.

I’m ready to RISE beyond the illusion of believing that Life is happening to me. It’s happening for me. Always. 

Wake me up!! I’m ready to shake mySelf FREE from all that falsely binds and limits my infinite expression and Light.

The concept of “challenge” can only hold value when we forget our inherent value and truth.

I already am emPowered.


In all ways. 

© Alania Starhawk 2017


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